Intelligent Work Instruction Preparing Solution

VayoPro-Document Expert is an intelligent software tool to automate work instruction / SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) document preparation process.
By reading in PCB CAD data and integrating actual process requirements of shop floor, the software could automatically generate work instructions aligned with workstations or NPI process document. With this tool, days of document preparation could be shortened to hours’ or minutes’.


Support CAD Data Source

Document Expert can support CAD sources like Cadence Allegro/OrCAD, Mentor, PowerPCB, Altium/Protel, Zuken, ODB++, GenCAD, Accel, Unida, etc. Morever it can identify CAD source intelligently.

BOM Input & Validation

Document Expert can validate BOM internal errors such as duplicated parts, quantity mismatch, duplicated PN and perform cross verification with CAD source (wrong part, missing parts, etc.).

Reusable Process Library

Users are able to define process steps and build a custom comprehensive library, and the database can be reused in future instructional document preparation. It greatly saves the development cycle for new product introduction.

Graphic Instructions

With Document Expert, you can easily add graphics to the instructional document and offer visual aids to line operators up for new product introduction. You can easily highlight the location of parts and adjust shape/color/size/fonts for easy, error-proof communications.

Automatic Operator Balancing

For manual assembly stations, parts can be easily balanced and assigned.Parts are automatically assigned to different stations according to throughput target, assembly path, height, operator quantity & etc.

Automatic Document Generation

Finally, Document Expert automatically generates multiple page document series for specified products covering each line station or every step of the process.

Product Functions/Features And Business Value

The Vayo team will continue to improve existing functions and features of DFM Expert, and will remain consistent in delivering value to our customers, exceeding expectations.

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