Test Expert: Testability, Strategy & Program Generation

VayoPro – Test Expert is an intelligent design for test (DFT) and test programming software solution for electronics manufacturing industry. By integrating the testing process requirements, it could accomplish the PCB test coverage analysis and ICT/flying probe/AOI/X-ray test programming in a quite short time.


Support CAD/Gerber Data Source

Test Expert can support CAD sources like Cadence Allegro/OrCAD, Mentor, PowerPCB, Altium/Protel, Zuken, ODB++, GenCAD, Accel, Unidat, and more. You can use VayoPro-Gerber application (separate software) to preprocess Gerber data if a CAD file does not already exist for your project.

Automatic BOM Validation & Import

If there is no CAD data source, you can also use VayoPro software (independent module) to analyze various BOM data.

Nail Selection Optimization

Flexible & powerful nail rule setting & optimization algorithm guarantee the best nail selection results. You can not only configure rule settings (size, distance, type, quantity, priority &, etc), but also set different rule serieses corresponding to different test strategies, allowing for easy comparison for optimal strategies.

Interactive Result Query

During results query, our interactive model not only makes obvious problems readily apparent, it also allows the user to browse PCB layout locations interactively. Thereby fully expediting the process of spotting and implementing improvement solutions.

Accessibility Validation and Testability Improvement

Sometimes Gerber may be slightly different from PCB CAD, which leads to test probe location being covered by mask layers. VayoPro-Test Expert supports additional Gerber mask data import, validate contact of a test probe, and relocation for a masked probe. AUnique Net Link function can merge nets for 0 resistor, fuse or switch related connection. This function increases testability, or reduces the number of test nails required for the same testability therefore reducing fixture cost.

DFT/Testability Report: Richest Contents

VayoPro-Test Expert testability/DFT reports contain comprehensive content ,such as coverage percentage, test nets details, untested nets details, parts report, pin report, parallel report. Moreover, it can be represented in a variety of different formats including: Text, PDF, Excel, and HTML.

Fast And Efficient Test Strategy Analysis & Report

By using SMT Expert, user can evaluate the coverage of manufacturing defects by different test methods (ICT, AOI, AXI…); it covers major manufacturing defects such as missing parts, open circuits, short circuits, wrong polarity and wrong parts.

ICT/MDA Output, Fixture Design

Our powerful fixture design function allows for optimization of design fixtures and outputs drill & wire files for fixture making. Additionally, it also generates precise test programs for industry testers such as Keysight/Agilent, Teradyne/GenRad, Spea, TRI, Checksum, MTS, JET, Hioki, Aeraflex/IFR, SRC.

Outputs for ICT/FP/AXI/AOI

We can generate a variety of MDA/ICT/ATE fine test programs. The supported test equipment include Keysight/Agilent, Teradyne/GenRad, Spea, TRI, Checksum, MTS, JET, Hioki, Areaflex/IFR, SRC, and more.

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