Industry Challenge: How To Ensure Good Design To Every Aperture For Each Stencil

Stencil quality impacts a lot to solder quality, how to ensure good pattern design to every footprint for each stencil, it is a challenge for both EMS and OEM. There are many reason which impact one pattern design of stencil (mistake due to manual design software tool, design technician change, the designer not in good mood, communication issue, … ); then it not only could bring manufacturing problem, but also cause the complain from the clients.

Stencil Designer: Stencil Design Automation

Stencil Designer is an innovative intelligent software solution to achieve stencil design automation. It could not only allow EMS or OEM to build their own capability easily, but also allow EMS/OEM to minimize the human interfere impact. Finally it allow you to stabilize stencil quality and make continue improvement.

Rapid aperture library build up

Stencil Designer allow you to build aperture library rapidly from existing stencil data, which save cycle time for the expertise system build up.

Flexible aperture pattern design/definition

Stencil Designer comes with flexible aperture pattern design function, it contains plenty of pattern and allow end-users to configure parameters easily; moreover it support DXF graphic import/export for special aperture design.

Automatic aperture generation

Stencil Designer could load PCB CAD data like Altium/Cadence/PowerPCB/ODB++/IPC-2581, then automatically generate stencil aperture for each footprint according to the central aperture library; which allows you to accomplish stencil design in 20 minutes even total footprints quantity is more than 40,000.

Fast design of thermal pad, common pad & test point pad

Due to complexity of those special pads like thermal pad & common pad, it is time consuming task for stencil aperture design; Stencil designer allows end-users to generate those aperture automatically.

Automatic voids for holes

Stencil Designer comes with automatic voids function for holes, which allow end-users to accomplish the fine-tune for all the holes quickly.

Automatic step generation

Stencil Designer allow you to design step aperture automatically. It recommends thickness, identify step area and generate aperture based on configurable rules.

Automatic validation with comprehensive rules

Stencil Designer comes with comprehensive checks, which could validate your stencil design prior to output so as to ensure high design quality.

Intelligent panelization

Stencil Designer could load panel drawing files, then generate panel automatically; it could reduce they cycle time from hours to minutes.

Stencil comparison & report

Stencil Designer not only could compare the difference of output with existing aperture library, but also could compare the difference of two stencils, which allows end-user manage the revision change very well.

Cooling plate stencil design

Stencil Designer provide a powerful function for cooling plate stencil aperture design, just ONE minute!

Stencil design output

Finally Stencil Designer shall generate stencil document output based on the template.

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