Business risk of placement programming

Pick & place (placement) is automatic machine, however the programming to placement is not automatic, you may not be aware of business risk hiding in your daily operation whatever your business is prototyping, quick turnaround assembly, or volume production.

does machine software or offline programming solve the challenge

There is no doubt, neither machine software system or traditional 3rd party software could solve the challenge due to its limitation.

SMT Expert: intelligent placement programming

Vayo solve the industry challenge with its patented intelligent technology, and starts to apply new intelligent accelerator approach to main stream placement machine platform one by one.

intelligent accelerator: part data assignment

Intelligent accelerator simulate human beings actions, intelligently search best matched part shape & package from machine library; it save the cycle time and increase the accuracy of part data assignment.

intelligent accelerator: part data creation

Intelligent accelerator extracts footprint information from PCB CAD, which greatly save the preparation time of parts outline and pin element.

Intelligent accelerator: correct parts rotation/polarity

No synchronization between PCB designer and SMT programmer brings rotation/polarity correction challenge, which leads to business risk (customer complain, lose order or lose business).

Intelligent accelerator: correct parts rotation/polarity (Continue)

New intelligent accelerator convert manual approach to an intelligent way, which reduce 95% business risk of wrong polarity and save both offline & inline programming cycle time.

Intelligent Panelization

Beside of powerful manual panelization function, VayoPro-SMT Expert could intelligently generate panelization from drawing picture from CAD or Gerber data source, it shall reduce panelization cycle time from couple of hours to one minute.

support CAD/Gerber/BOM data source

SMT Expert could support CAD source like Cadence Allegro/OrCAD, Mentor, PowerPCB, Altium/Protel, Zuken, ODB++, IPC-2581, Accel, …. then it validate BOM content and perform cross verification with CAD. If there is no CAD source, you could load centroid XY data with Gerber data source.

traditional offline programming approach available as well

For placement platform without intelligent accelerator function ready at present, Vayo support traditional offline programming approach.

Document Generation & Program validation

SMT Expert could generate feeder loading list and assembly drawing automatically, and it greatly reduce the cycle time of document preparation. Moreover SMT Expert could validate your existing program so as to reduce program errors caused by ECO change, employee resign or other incorrect operation.

Machine program conversion

SMT Expert could convert machine program conversion among Fuji, ASM, Panasonic & Yamaha, it greatly speed up the line transfer for customer who has multiple machine platform.

Product Functions And Features

Vayo team keep improving existing functions and features of SMT Expert, and expect to deliver more value to our customer than what they expected.

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