Venture Corporation Selects VayoPro-Test Expert


November of 2011, Venture Corporation Limited selected VayoPro-Test Expert for DFT, ICT,Flying Probe, & AOI/X-Ray Programming.

NSN (Shanghai) selects VayoPro-Test Expert


July, 2011, After the VayoPro-SMT Expert software, VayoPro-Test Expert Software also has been selected by Nokia Siemens Networks (Shanghai ) Co .,ltd they use it to achive fast DFT analysis for NPI,do fast programming for fly probe\ICT, and fast programming for AOI、X-Ray equipment etc.

Liteon Electrics (Dongwan) Selects VayoPro-SMT Expert


Apr.2011, VayoPro-SMT Expert software has been selected by Liteon Electrics (Dongwan)CO., LTD, in order to achieve theirfast programming for pick and place machines and AI machines, and for making related documents.

MiTAC Computer (KunShan) Selects VayoPro-Test Expert Software


April.2011, VayoPro-SMT Expert software has been selected by MiTAC Computer (KunShan) Co., Ltd, for DFT analysis, and fast programming for Takaya Flying Probe tester.

Guantong Technology Selects VayoPro-SMT Expert Software


Nov.2010, VayoPro-SMT Expert software has been selected by Zhejiang Guantong Technology Development Co., Ltd for their fast SMT programming.

Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd selected SMT Expert


In February, 2010,Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd selected VayoPro Software Solution (SMT Expert) as theirSMT solutionso that they can quickly generate SMT Program.

Coship starts to use VayoPro SMT Expert


On 26th,Nov,2009, Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co., Ltd starts to use VayoPro SMT Expert as its SMT professional programming software solution, which realizes quick SMT programming, intelligent data verification and generation of other related programming data.

VayoPro-Test Expert get improvement in ICT Nail Selection


Through continues research and repeated confirmation, Vayo’s Test Expert software got breakthrough improvement in optimizing nail selection of ICT test (fixture) on 5th.Aug.

ShenZhen Murata Technology uses VayoPro-Test Expert


On 20th.July.2009,  ShenZhen Murata Technology Co.,Ltd starts to use VayoPro-Test Expert software in test-coverage analyze,fixture design analyze andICT program auto-generation.

DongGuan Primax uses VayoPro SMT Expert


On 15th.July.2009,Dongguan Primax Electronic & Telecommunication Products Ltd starts to use Vayo SMT Expert software in SMT programming and data verification analyze.

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