SanDisk Corporation Selected DFM Expert


SanDisk Corporation Selected VayoPro-DFM Expert to enhance its design for manufacturing capability.

Benchmark (Thailand) Selected Test Expert


October of 2014, Thailand site of Benchmark Electronics, Inc. selected VayoPro-Test Expert for its DFT/Testability analysis, ICT/FP/AOI/X-Ray program generation.

Askey Computer Corporation selected SMT Expert


September of 2014, Askey Computer Corporation selected VayoPro-SMT Expert to accelerate its SMT/placement program generation and prepare related documents.

WG-Test (Romania) Selected Test Expert


July of 2014, SC WG Test (Romania) selected VayoPro-Test Expert for its fixture design, ICT outout & DFT/Testability report generation for customer.

Universal Scientific Industrial choose VayoPro – Test Expert


In February 2014,Universal Scientific Industrial Choose VayoPro – Test Expert software, used to implement DFT analysis and Agilent HP3070 ICT application development.

Intel US Selected SMT Expert


January of 2014, Intel Corporation (Oregon, US) selected VayoPro-SMT Expert to fast their program generation for ASM/Siplace placement, which is expansion after the selection of Intel site in Malaysia.

Intel Selects SMT Expert


Intel Malaysia selects VayoPro-SMT Expert to fast their daily placement programming.

Vayo upgrade web site with totally new design


January 1st of year 2013, Vayo upgrade company website with totally new design. Now you could access the contents with more easy & enjoyable experience.

Zhejiang central choose VayoPro – Test Expert


Zhejiang central control technology co., LTD. Choose VayoPro – Test Expert to implement DFT Test coverage analysis and ICT Test programs.

Shanghai automation instrumention Co.,Ltd selects VayoPro-DFM Expert


Shanghai automation instrumention Co.,Ltd selects VayoPro-DFM Expert to assist R&D to do DFF & DFA

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