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NPI management system is an web-based collaboration platform for high work efficiency. New product introduction involves multiple departments of product development & manufacturing, and including plenty of tasks. NPI Management System eases tasks management of electronics company, manages people work progress of multiple departments, speeds up communication & conversation, and optimizes design to manufacturing process flow. Therefore it offers transparent management, reduces cycle time of new product manufacturing, and drive for business success.

Standardize process of new product introduction

Based on current situation of your company, NPI Management System optimize varies of process flow during new product manufacturing, such project startup preparation flow, design optimization (DFx improvement) flow, process planning flow, production readiness flow, trial-run/pilot run flow, volume production transfer flow, PFMEA (Process failure mode effective analysis) flow, cost estimation flow, quotation flow, process difficulty analysis flow and etc. Therefore it shall enable high effective and standardization operation management.


Project data management: Single source

NPI management system allows you to centralize management of design & manufacturing related data, which guarantee unique source and minimize errors cased by revision confusion.

Cost estimation & quotation preparation

NPI management system allow you to standardize cost estimation and quotation preparation, manage related data and operation steps.

DFx improvement tracking management

NPI Management System accelerates the analysis results sharing of DFM/DFT/DFR, change advice communication and improvement tracking progress. It supports analysis results from Vayo DFM/DFT tool, EDA system or other third party tool; and then manage the sharing, escalating and feedback.


Work efficiency management

Once you logon NPI management system, you shall have direct view to on-going tasks of present user, tasks require corresponding action, progress of related tasks and completed tasks.


Notice message

Notice message could be sent out via email or SMS upon any task overdue, task near expire date.

Reasonable task assignment, optimize resource usage

NPI management system assign reasonable tasks to team member, track work loading and monitor progress status. It guarantee optimized usage of human resource of enterprise so as to accomplish task with minimized cycle time.

Production preparation readiness monitoring

NPI management system could real-time indicates the statues of production preparation readiness: stencil, loading list document, manufacturing program, fixture, test program and etc.

Powerful reports

You could easily config and generate varies of daily reports. For example, daily/weekly/montlhy/quarter/yearly reports, new product cut-in reports, task execution reports, DFx tracking status reports, production readiness reports, trial-run reports, PFMEA execution reports.

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