Vayo Won IPC Innovation Award


IPC presented its 2019 Innovation Award to DFM Expert v5 software product, next generation DFM/DFA analysis software solution, during IPC APEX EXPO at San Diego, CA, USA..

The IPC APEX EXPO 2019 Best of Innovation Awards were presented to only FIVE companies during the opening keynote APEX EXPO 2019. “This year, product and service submissions were certainly innovative and the companies did an exceptional job in identifying their product’s unique value in the industry. The innovative submissions directly indicate the strength of the electronics industry and its ability to respond to new challenges resulting from emerging technologies in the electronics marketplace” said John Mitchell. John Mitchell presented the Innovation Award to Vayo team and took a picture with Vayo team on Vayo booth.

“We’ve been dedicated in intelligent NPI software solution for 14 years and make continuous innovation to deliver greater value to electronics industry. We appreciate IPC to present the Innovation Award to us for our 3D DFM/DFA software solution.” said Howard Liu, business development director of Vayo, “We have decided to upgrade our DFM/DFA product to 3D solution since it is able to virtualize assembled board. DFM Expert v5 is an unique 3D DFM/DFA software for electronics manufacturing, it is not only enable users to understand better the problem & design impact, but it also demonstrates advanced capability of DFM/DFA analysis.”

DFM Expert v5 is an intelligent DFx analysis software for electronics manufacturing & design. Upon merging PCB design data & 3D parts library, it simulates an assembled board. It comes with 1,100 rules for assembly check (DFA) and 300 rules for fabrication check (DFF), moreover Vayo also add on approximate 50 new checking rules every year. Users not only able to see the design issues on 2D (PCB) & 3D (PCBA) view, but they also can generate unique 3D DFM/DFA report. Most importantly, Vayo optimize the usage of this software continuously, and make current version as an easier solution to perform DFM/DFA analysis and generate reports. Vayo management team holds to the vision that “not to develop a powerful but complicated product, instead of that, we develop an intelligent & effective tool to support the operation of the users.”

About Vayo

Vayo (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., a highly innovative & software technology enterprise, dedicates to intelligent NPI software solutions for electronics industry from design to manufacturing stages. With 14 years of dedication, Vayo owns comprehensive NPI software products (intelligent DFM/DFA analysis, stencil design automation, smart pick & place programming, intelligent testing analysis & ICT/FP/AXI/AOI program generation, visual aids work instruction document, board viewer and repair tool, Gerber data view & conversion, …), and awarded patents certification from US, Japan & China. Vayo products are recognized by leading companies like Intel/GE/Bosch/Flex/Jabil/Venture and installed in more than 20 countries worldwide.

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