Tsinghua University and Vayo company achieve cooperation


The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China reported: “the construction of modern economic system in our country, must focus on economic development on the real economy, improve the quality of the supply system as the main direction, significantly enhance China’s economic and quality advantages. We will speed up the construction of manufacturing powers and accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industries.”


Advanced manufacturing industry is compared with the traditional manufacturing, advocated  constantly absorbing the latest high-tech achievements, informatization, automation, intelligent manufacturing, so as to achieve better economic benefits and market effect. The key difference is that advanced manufacturing encourages innovation. If the creative design of the advanced manufacturing industry is like a ship sailing in the ocean, the DFM Expert software is like a convoy escorting them.


Design and process risk, if undetected before making it, can cause great harm in the process of manufacturing, such as: a large number of welding process flow, process or assembly defects, increase the difficulty of increasing workload of repair, higher manufacturing costs and lead to long production period and lose market competitiveness. With manufacturing enterprises need to design, therefore, for the enterprise, to provide low cost and high quality products, at the same time to shorten the delivery time, you need a trustworthy DFM technology design simulation software.


The Design for Manufacture, hereinafter referred to as DFM, manufacturability Design, is a major researcher on the physical Design of the product itself and the relationship between the parts of manufacturing systems, and put it into product Design, so that the whole manufacturing system together, the overall optimization. It is a design review process software which is easier to manufacture, lower the manufacturing cost. It is the first step in designing and manufacturing, and show the problems in advance to make designing easier, and assembling of parts and components reasonable. The purpose of DFM Expert software is to make all the problems which may occured in manufacturing to be solved in the design phase.


The development of advanced manufacturing industry, besides the DFM Expert software can control the quality of products, high quality industrial workers are another important cause. In 2017, Vayo company assisted the SMT laboratory of Tsinghua university to take the process design simulation software DFM Expert into the classroom, help Tsinghua students in school with learning the DFM Expert software, which makes the teaching more front, more in line with industry demand. Our mutual cooperation to cultivate high quality talents.

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