Fuji and Vayo establish strategy cooperation


April, 2016

Vayo (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd (“Vayo”) are pleased to announce the start of strategic partnership with Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. (“Fuji”) to offer their intelligent programming and conversion technology (knowhow) to Fuji customers, using Vayo products and services.

Two years ago, Vayo developed a program conversion tool for the Fuji Flexa software system based on specialized solutions in the industry and provided these to Fuji. Through continuous improvements to Vayo’s intelligent data conversion tool based upon recommendations and requests from Fuji, it became possible not only to create Fuji programs easily from CAD and Gerber data, but also from the production programs used by other placement platforms.

“We perform thousands of cycle time simulations in the space of a year. Within those simulations there are cases in which cycle time needs to be simulated using the client’s CAD data, as well as from production programs used by other placement platforms. Data conversion was previously an involved process requiring large amount of time; but by introducing Vayo’s intelligent software tool it is now possible for operators to perform data conversion requiring little skill, while reducing the work time required to a fifth of what it was.” Mitsuo Imai, Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. Sales Engineering Department Manager.

“Vayo is dedicated to providing programming approach innovations for SMT. With our patented accelerator solutions, we can offer Fuji customers a remarkable programming experience. A few years ago, we could foresee what our customers would require from production program part data conversion in the future. This is what sets our products apart from other solutions found in today’s market. This is the reason why Fuji came to us two years ago, and why they wish to proceed with us going forward.” Johnny Zhu, Vayo (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. Director of Strategic Partnerships.

About Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd:

Fuji was established as a machine tool manufacturer in 1959, and has led the industry for many years as the leading company of the SMT world, consistently inventing both industry-first and world-first SMT technologies since 1978. Fuji is a contributor to the advancement of those technologies we can no longer live without, such as computers, mobile phones, automotive, and household appliances. Even a quarter of a century on from the birth of the SMT industry, Fuji is still providing the best solutions to customers worldwide; meeting their manufacturing, technological, and service needs with a core competence in high-speed, high accuracy SMT.

About Vayo (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd:

Vayo was founded in January 2005 and is currently located in Pudong, Shanghai. With more than 11 years of experience in the industry, Vayo specializes in intelligent NPI solutions for electronics companies. These solutions include DFM/DFA analysis, placement programming accelerator, DFT/Testability and fast ICT/FP/AXI/AOI programming, intelligent document generation, among others. Vayo’s software products are currently in use in more than 20 countries worldwide.

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