Why Vayo Technology? Here’s a testimonial


“Versatile and user friendly software with powerful aperture database management features. Easy to use and adoptable workflows to support and guide less experienced users.Excellent support during software demo, installation and training by Vayo!”said Alexander Wormer, Project Expert from Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

Having implemented Vayo’s core SMT process know-how digitalization solution, Vayo-Stencil Designer software, Pepperl+Fuchs sends us a positive comments.

About seven months ago, Pepperl+Fuchs’s engineer reached us, wanna learn more information about core SMT process know-how digitalization, hoping to find a solution to digitalize their stencil process know-how and expedite stencil designing process.

In May, having understood the demands of Pepperl+Fuchs team, we arranged one-month software trial for the team. During the software trial, our technical support team provided a comprehensive software training, including software installation and SW demo. During the software trial, we kept in close contact and had several remote meetings with Pepperl+Fuchs team to solve the technical problems and clients’ concerns, helping our clients fully master the software.

In July, after two-month software trial and market evaluation, Pepperl+Fuchs decided to introduce Vayo-Stencil Designer software to their stencil designing process.

Vayo-Stencil Designer software is driving the enterprise to digitalize the core SMT process (stencil) know-how. It converts past experience of stencil design to digitalized knowledgebase library, and then allow all the manufacturing process engineers to reuse this know-how library to ensure best practice for all of future products. Moreover, engineers could utilize dozens of configurable checking rules to verify typical design errors so as to speed up the validation of stencil drawing from their external stencil manufacturers; engineering team could review top manufacturing defects and change those stencil apertures in the library to achieve continue improvement; all the aperture usage for each product will be recorded in the system for traceability purpose. This digital transformation approach not only allows manufacturing process engineers to work in high effective way, but also stabilizes stencil process quality, thus ensuring PCBA quality. For managers, this innovation not only converts core SMT process management to an intelligent digitalized way, but also enables the possibility of knowledge transfer so as to simplify people management. [Learn more]

We are proud to have the opportunity to cooperate with Pepperl+Fuchs SE, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic sensors and a world market leader for intrinsic safety and explosion protection technology [Learn More]. Vayo Technology is always attentive to what our customers need and the challenges they’re faced with. Over the past 17 years, we have provided NPI (new product introduction) solutions for 500+ customers from 20+ countries worldwide, such as Flex / Venture / Jabil/ Sanmina / IMI / Benchmark / OSI / Katek / Paramit / Intel / GE / Keysight / Intuitive / Bosch and so on.

Vayo Technology has been striving to become a trusted partner with the customer we serve and hoping to work together towards the goal of intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0. More information, please visit

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