Webinar Invitation | Work Instruction (SOP/SIC) Preparation Automation


Visual work instruction software for SMT factories

Join us for a webinar to explore more about Vayo’s visual work instruction software. Register for this webinar using the links below:

June 21 & 23

Register-American Session:  Tue, 21 Jun 2022, 9:00AM, @ San Francisco

Register–Euro&Asia Session:  Thu, 23 Jun 2022, 10:00AM, @ Munich / Thu, 23 Jun 2022, 1:30PM, @ New Delhi


Besides DFA analysis, stencil know-how digitalization, smart placement programming, DFT/testability analysis & CAM tool, Vayo also offers visual work instruction solution for SMT factories.

As we all know, there are couples of instruction documents to be prepared for every new product introduction (NPI) process in SMT factories; process engineers need to prepare MPI (manufacturing process instruction) document, industry engineers need to prepare work instruction documents (also called SOP or SIC) for every line station.

Due to the industry trend of increasing NPI, the efficiency of work instruction preparation are challenging the industry engineers & process engineers of SMT factories.

An instruction combining graphical & textual content will be more effective and clear for manufacturing team (especially for line operators) to understand. It would be a complicated task for industries engineers or process engineers to prepare such work instruction, while with this software, the thing would be easy.

VayoPro-Document Expert not only provides visual graphical content, but also automates the entire work instruction document preparation process. With this software, you will experience:

*  work instruction with visual aids extracted from PCB CAD source;

*  intelligent manual insertion task balancing and parts allocation for manual insertion workstations;

* build-in process step library to automate operation instruction generation;

Can’t attend a live webinar? You can email to for a recorded event.

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