Webinar Invitation | Accelerate Quick Turn (Prototyping) PCB Assembly with intelligent DFA/NPI software


Join us for a webinar to see how intelligent DFA software could help you accelerate your quick turn (prototyping) PCB assembly. Register for this webinar using the links below:

Aug 23 & 25

Register-American Session:  Tue, 23 Aug 2022, 9:00AM, @Los Angeles

Register-Euro&Asia Session:  Thu, 25 Aug 2022, 10:00AM, @ Munich / Thu, 25 Aug 2022, 1:30PM, @ New Delhi


Timing is very critical for quick turn (prototyping) CEM players since your commitment for customer is shortest lead time to PCB assembly, intelligent software tool could accelerate new product introduction (NPI) so as to ensure shortest lead time.

Vayo has devoted 17+ years to intelligent NPI software for electronics manufacturing (SMT), and Vayo NPI solution has accelerated new product introduction (NPI) for those US based quick turn CEM players like Sierra Circuits, Gorilla Circuits, Unigen, VM service (Venture), Fabrinet, AlphaEMS, SurfaceArt, Aimtron, ControlTek, Altek Electronics, Burton EMS, Safari Circuits, …

‘ Vayo tool has been extremely useful for us in identifying assembly issues, this has drastically reduced holdups in the production line.’ said Atar Mittal from Sierra Circuits. ’ It does a great job identifying assembly issues, customer feedback with this unique 3D DFA/DFM capability has been overwhelmingly positive.’ said Mukesh Vasani from Aimtron Corporation. ‘You can match parts and pds (package data) visually and new pds can be created easily.  Part Data Editor and Parts Verification ensures every location has correct part, size and orientation.’ Said Eddie Chang from AlphaEMS Corporation.

Join this webinar to see how we could accelerate your quick turn (prototyping) PCB assembly.

1. Intelligent DFA analysis could find out material package mismatch in advance and involve deeply in product development of your clients

2. Smart programming for major product equipment like pick&place could reducesoffline programming cycle and in-line fine-tune cycle

3. Intelligent validation could minimize the efforts of aperture confirmation based stencil Gerberreceived from your suppliers

4. Work instruction automation accelerates visual aids documentation preparation

5. SMT factories specialized CAM tool could boost work efficiency of entire engineering team


Can’t attend a live webinar? You can email to for a recorded event.

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