Webinar: Bridging the Design to Manufacturing, Enabling Digital Transformation


The launch of IPC 2581 Version C has enabled the conveying of feedback from manufacturing to design, which realized bi-directional DFX data exchange, thus improving the inter-department cooperation efficiency and shortening product development cycle. What’s more, IPC-2581C is also an important part of digital twin framework and has set standards for interoperability among different solutions.

Welcome to Webinar on April 22nd.  Besides introductions on this standard and planning on future development by chairman of IPC2581 (DPMX) association and industry experts, there will also be sharing about the experience of industry-leading enterprises (TTM, CISCO, Nvidia, etc.) in practicing this standard and boosting efficiency.

Together with experts from Cadence, Huawei, Multek, Vayo’s Senior Director Howard Liu will also participate in the Webinar. Come to register:

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