Sanmina India renews the maintenance service of Vayo’s Test Expert


Recently, Sanmina India renews the maintenance service of VayoPro-Test Expert for one more year and purchased an add-on module of ViTrox V810 AXI output. Sanmina India has implemented VayoPro-Test Expert software for years, aiming to promote the efficiency of testing procedure programming.

Vayo’s software product comes with one-year free maintenance at the first year of purchase. The maintenance service includes software operation training, technical support without limited times and software upgrading. The users could purchase the maintenance service depending on their needs and Vayo will not charge for the previous years when the users didn’t purchase maintenance service.

Vayo Technology has been devoted to developing quality and innovative NPI (New Product Introduction) solutions for electronics manufacturing. Following the development of technology and industry trend, Vayo Technology also keep refining and upgrading its software products. VayoPro-Test Expert, since its initial release in year 2006, has been through continuous improvement and upgraded to Version 5. Of course, this is not the ending. Vayo Technology will keep focusing on customer needs and upgrading its product now and in the future.


About Sanmina India

Sanmina Chennai, India facility specializes in complex high-technology products in market segments including Communications Networks, Automotive, Industrial &Semiconductor, Medical, Defense & Aerospace, Multimedia, Clean Tech and Computing & Storage. They offer complex PCBA, system integration, Build-to-Order (BTO), Confgure-to-Order (CTO) and test services for a variety of products. Experts in this facility also work closely with their Sanmina Chennai design center, providing customers with engineering expertise for product design, technology and test system development. They give customers the combined advantages of a world-class facility, complex product expertise and a team of highly-skilled engineering professionals operating in a best-cost location. Wanna learn more information, please visit


About Vayo Technology

Vayo Technology, founded in early 2005, has been committed to providing premium NPI solutions for our customers. Vayo’s software solution has covered the whole process from PCB design to manufacturing, including DFX execution system, 3D DFM/DFA analysis (design for manufacturing/assembly), SMT programming, stencil know-how digitalization, DFT/testability & strategy analysis, ICT/FP/AXI/AOI program generation, visual work instruction generation, SMT specialized CAM tool, etc. Over the past 17 years, Vayo Technology has always been adhering to “Value for You” philosophy and focused on customer need. Learn more by visiting

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