Sahasra Electronics Selects Vayo’s 3D DFM/DFA solution


Sahasra Electronics Pvt.Ltd., one of the most successful and fastest growing electronic companies in India, has implemented VayoPro-DFM Expert software products, hoping to promote high-quality and high-efficiency delivery of its business.

Sahasra, as one of leading EMS (Electronics manufacturing service) providers, has been dedicated to providing premium manufacturing services to their customers. The group’s mission “to deliver goods and services of high quality level at competitive prices with business velocity that can provide complete satisfaction to our customers anywhere on the globe” has been the success mantra over the last decade.

Vayo Technology, over the past 17 years, has been dedicated to providing NPI solutions of high quality to its customers. Its featured product –VayoPro-DFM Expert is an intelligent DFM/DFA analysis software. It has innovated the approach of DFM/DFA analysis. Its built-in 3D component library is able to simulate the virtual PCB/PCBA, allowing the users to understand the design omissions or manufacturing defects of PCB/PCBA more intuitively. The 1500+ design checking rules of the software could help check every detail of PCB/PCBA, including component, routing, via, silk screen, etc., thus enable the engineers to find out and address the manufacturing defects as early as possible.

As the old saying goes ‘To do good work must sharpen his tools.’, an efficient DFM/DFA analysis software could help address the manufacturing defects before tooling and reduce prototyping times,thus greatly shortening the NPI cycle. The DFM software makes it possible to make high quality product at lower cost.


About Sahasra Electronics

“Sahasra” was conceived in the year 2000, and since then has been one of the most successful and fastest growing electronic companies in India. The group comprises of 6 businesses providing end-to-end electronic solutions from design to manufacturing to distribution. With 4 manufacturing plants situated in the NCR, India, one manufacturing plant in Rwanda, Africa and 8 sales & marketing offices in India, USA, Canada, Africa & Europe the group has emerged as the leading exporter of electronic products and services.

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About Vayo Technology

Vayo Technology, founded in early 2005, has been dedicated to intelligent NPI software solutions for more than 17 years, and owns 20+ patent technology. Vayo’s software solution has covered the whole process from PCB design to manufacturing, including DFX execution system, 3D DFM/DFA analysis (design for manufacturing/assembly), SMT programming, stencil know-how digitalization, DFT/testability & strategy analysis, ICT/FP/AXI/AOI program generation, visual work instruction generation, SMT specialized CAM tool, etc. Over the past 17 years, Vayo Technology has always been adhering to “Value for You” philosophy and focused on customer need.

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