Online Launch Event Invitation | Online Launch of DFX Execution System


Join us on 12th October 2022 for the online launch of DFX Execution System! Register for the Online Launch Event via the below link:

We are delighted to announce the launch of DFX Execution System. DFX Execution System is high level DFX analysis software solution based on web platform system. Designed for big organization (OEM/EMS) to execute DFX analysis to ensure high PCB/PCBA design quality in the most effective way.

Vayo Technology launched the first revision of DFM/DFA application software (VayoPro-DFM Expert) in 2008. It won the IPC innovation award as a powerful 3D solution in 2019.

Application software suits small team while big organizations calling for more interactive and effective solution for both design team and process team.

A web-based system solution will be more effective for big organization from deployment & maintaining perspective. Moreover, it does not only simplify the DFX tasks execution, but also make people management easier and brings DFX know-how management to next/higher level.

Join the free launch event to see how a web-based system accelerates DFX analysis tasks execution and benefits the whole organization.

Any question or further needs/details, just reach us via


Vayo Technology

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