Entech Electronics Pty Ltd Selects VayoPro-Document Expert software


Vayo Technology, a global provider of all-in-one industrial software, announces that Entech Electronics that delivers world class electronic manufacturing and support services to customers globally, has selected VayoPro-Document Expert software developed by Vayo Technology. In manufacturing industry, preparing work instruction document is almost a routine work for industry engineer. In the era of smart factory and intelligent manufacturing, an intelligent work instruction software is also indispensable for factory to save time and cost. By implementing VayoPro-Document Expert software, Entech hopes to promote the efficiency of work instruction document preparation, thus shortening the NPI project time.

For Entech Electronics, as a world-class contract electronic manufacturer, quality and efficiency are the key factors in achieving successful outcomes. VayoPro-Document Expert software is an intelligent visual work instruction software. By inputting CAD/Gerber/BOM data and integrating the actual process requirement of shop floor, the software could generate a work instruction for specific workstation or manufacturing process document for new product. It could also generate the document with visual content, helping the operating personnel to understand the instruction more clearly. With this tool, days of document preparation could be shortened to hours’ and even minutes’, which could ensure fast ECN/ECO change and save human cost. It’ s not only a tool for work instruction document preparation, but also a tool to facilitate working efficiency and NPI capability.

About Entech Electronics

Founded and Headquartered in South Australia since 1986, Entech Electronics specialises in contract electronics manufacturing, electro-mechanical assembly, PCB Assembly, Printed Circuit Board Supply & HMI Solutions. Entech Electronics has employed numerous quality management procedures and standards throughout all processes performed by the organisation across all production facilities. These come together in the form of quality management certifications. Wanna learn more information, please visit


About Vayo Technology

Vayo Technology is a global provider of intelligent NPI solution for PCB/PCBA manufacturing industry. Founded in early 2005 by a group of technical expert from electronic manufacturing industry, Vayo Technology has been dedicated to delivering high-quality and comprehensive NPI solutions to our OEM / EMS clients. With 17+ years’ effort and devotion to NPI/DFT/DFA/CAM software solutions for electronics industry, Vayo Technology’s NPI solution like 3D DFM/DFA analysis, DFX execution system, stencil know-how digitalization, DFT / testability & DFT strategy analysis, SMT specialized CAM tool, visual aids work instruction, board view & fast query, Gerber view & conversion,… has gained worldwide recognition among the electronic industry. Over the past 17 years, Vayo technology has been focused on customer needs and devoted to offering intelligent tool to ease the complexity of people’s work. So far, Vayo Technology has been recognized by 500+ customers from 20+ countries worldwide.

Wanna learn more details of Vayo’s solution, please visit or contact us via email: or LinkedIn: howardliu

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