DFM Solution | Altek Electronics selects Vayo’s part library creation service


Good news! Altek Electronics, a trusted source of electronic manufacturing services since 1972, decided to select Vayo’s part library creation service of VayoPro-DFM Expert. Altek has implemented VayoPro-DFM Expert software years before for innovative DFM/DFA solution, hoping to find out the design omission or manufacturing defects as early as possible so as to speed time to market.

VayoPro-DFM Expert comes with 3D component entity library, which could emulate the virtual PCBA. The component library is under SQL database and each component contains actual geometry/dimension data. Besides the free 200,000+ parts, Vayo Technology also provides on-demand part creation service.

About Altek Electronics

Altek Electronics, a trusted source of electronic manufacturing services since 1972, is a comprehensive contract manufacturer serving a broad range of industries. They work with industry leaders supporting a complete product life cycle, from prototype through production and end of life. They use open communication to fulfill their mission of “Value through the eyes of the customer.” Delivering quality products on-time, Altek is certified to AS9100D, their operators are certified to IPC-610, IPC-620 and J-STD. For more details, please visit their website


About Vayo Technology

Vayo Technology, founded in early 2005, has been dedicated to intelligent NPI software solutions for more than 17 years, and owns 20+ patent technology. Vayo’s software solution has covered the whole process from PCB design to manufacturing, including DFX execution system, 3D DFM/DFA analysis (design for manufacturing/assembly), SMT programming, stencil know-how digitalization, DFT/testability & strategy analysis, ICT/FP/AXI/AOI program generation, visual work instruction generation, SMT specialized CAM tool, etc. Over the past 17 years, Vayo Technology has always been adhering to “Value for You” philosophy and focused on customer need. Learn more by visiting

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