Comware Technical Services, Inc. Select VayoPro- Test Expert Software


Comware Technical Services, Inc. selects and uses Vayopro-Test Expert software for test fixture data analysis, aiming to efficiently develop ATE test equipment fixture and achieve quick output of ICT fly probe program, thus reducing labor and time cost, and providing high-quality solutions for customers.

Why VayoPro-Test Expert

Test Expert, as a requisite software for fast programming of DFT analysis and testing, could maximize the CAD data and BOM data to accurately analyze the DFT/ testing coverage, complete the ICT/ Flying probe/ AOI/ X-Ray test program in a short time and expand the data analysis of test fixture.

With Test Expert, days of DFT analysis work can be shortened to several minutes’, and you can also get an elaborate testing& detecting program to extensively save the time of debugging and cost of test fixture.

  1. Support all kinds of CAD data, such as Altium (*.pcbdoc), Cadence(*.val),Mentor(Neutral),Zuken,ODB++(*.tgz),IPC-2581(*.xml),Gerber, etc;
  2. Import/validate BOM data and intelligently extract value and errors;
  3. Support version comparison (CAD, BOM…), analysis of fixture reuse and report output;
  4. Flexible parameter setting supports multiple component types (based on different customers, different product series,…);
  5. Powerful nail selection rule assignment and result optimization;
  6. Support execution of multiple nail selection rules at same time and results comparison;
  7. Support Gerber silk-screen data validation;
  8. Unique netlink technology, able to improve testing coverage;
  9. Powerful DFT/testability report output (include 13 items) function;
  10. High-efficiency testing strategy analysis and report output (to predict the coverage rate of main manufacturing defects);
  11. Output of ICT, fly probe, AXI and AOI equipment program.


Comware Technical Services, Inc. was launched in 1985 as an aftermarket product and service provider for ATE users worldwide. Comware is the first company to successfully install an

ALPHA emulator in North America over 15 years ago and is one of the leading legacy system

emulators in the world. Comware represents multiple OEM products to ensure the right solution for your VAX, HP1000, PDP-11, or ALPHA. Whether it’s a real time hardware need, or a simple workstation software emulation, Comware has the expertise and full staff of technicians.

About VAYO

Vayo (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd, founded in early 2005, is a leading industrial software manufacturing enterprise. Over the past 16 years, Vayo has been dedicated to innovating and developing intelligent NPI software solutions for OEM/EMS. With strong R&D team and experienced product specialist, Vayo helps customers fix quality defects from design to manufacturing, facilitating the improvement of electronics industry’s capability and helping realize digital intelligent manufacturing.

With persistent effort, Vayo has tackled a series of technical problems and possesses more than 30 software products with completely independent intellectual property rights and over 10 patents for invention. Up to now, Vayo’s products for NPI solution (DFM, SMT, Test, Stencil, SPI, Document, View, etc.) have been adopted by more than 400 companies from 20+ countries, covering the

industry of communication network, consumer electronics, automobile and parts, education and so on. Meanwhile, Vayo has established win-win cooperative relationship with many SMT, Test, SPI, AXI, AOI equipment manufacturers and EDA suppliers around the world, such as FUJI, Keysight, Vitrox, Altium designer, Cadence allegro, etc.

Guided by the worldwide goal of intelligent manufacturing, Vayo will stay true to the mission and keep going forward.

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