Support all Gerber & Drill data

Vayo-Gerber view software can import all Gerber and drill files. Gerber format: RS-274-D or RS-274-X

Viewing Gerber Files

Vayo-Gerber view is a light and efficient software for viewing PCB Gerber data.

After importing Gerber data, each layer’s image and all details of the PCB files can be checked easily.

Displaying original point of PCB data & changing stacking order of layers & aligning the layers with a click or choose a customize color for each layer.

Displaying PCB pad information

Pad infomation can be displayed without additional measurement.

Pad pattern can be displayed in different ways, filling display, transparent display, silhouette display or display wiring diagram.

Automatically capture centers and lines

Measurement tool checks the distance between centers and lines.

The number of pads, which are located in the selected area, will be calculated automatically.

Measuring function & calculating the number of pads

Measurement tool supports distance measure between center to center , line to line and center to line;

If you an area is selected, the software will calculate the number of pads automatically.

Viewing each layer and both sides of the PCB

Vayo-Gerber view software supports viewing each layer and both sides of the PCB.

Export DXF file

Vayo-Gerber view software supports exporting DXF file used to re-edit in a design software.

Print the layers

Vayo-Gerber view tool can connect to a printer to print every layer of the PCB.

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