Intelligent placement programing revolution

In the past years, even you may use 3rd party to load PCB CAD automatically, however you still have to spend plenty of time assign part data, create new shape, and correct rotation/polarity manually. Manual programming approaches has used for 20 years in the industry, it is time to move for intelligent placement programming.


Support CAD + BOM data source

Flexa Accelerator could support CAD source like Cadence Allegro/OrCAD, Mentor, PowerPCB, Altium/Protel, Zuken, ODB++, GenCAD, Accel, Unidat…. And it could identify CAD source intelligently.
Moreover it shall validate BOM content and then perform cross verification with CAD source.


Support XY data + Gerber source

Flexa Accelerator allow you perform fast programming with XY coordinates data+ Gerber data source even CAD source is not available.


Intelligent panelization

Flexa Accelerator allow you perform intelligent panel generation from Gerber drawing source.
Definitely you also could manually input the dimension data to generate the panel.


Intelligent capture fiducial mark

Flexa Accelerator could find out all available fidicial mark automatically, you just need to select the one you want for Fuji placement programming.

Intelligent part data assignment

Flexa Accelerator could access Flexa part library directly, then it could intelligent assign part data for new product, you don’t need to manual choose part data from thousands candidates anymore.

Intelligent create new part data

For totally new shape, Flexa Accelerate could capture dimension data of part outline & pin elements, which ease your creation of new part data; meanwhile it generate visualization image to part body once you select a nozzle type which increase vision pass rate for in-line fine-tunning.

Intelligent rotation/polarity correction

As you know, since design engineer use different zero angle definition to SMT programmer, therefore SMT engineer always have to verify rotation/polarity for every part before it move for balancing & optimization. It is heave work loading work and it easily introduce errors to final mount program. Could we work in an intelligent approach?

Intelligent rotation/polarity correction (continue)

Just one click, Flexa Accelerator could intelligent correct rotation, polarity, position of every part in the PCBA, you don’t need to manually confirm one by one any more; it save huge time for both offline & inline fine-tune stage, most importantly, it minimize human errors so as to reduce business risk.

Generate Flexa job directly

With Flexa Accelerator, you could easily work out all required data prior to balancing & optimization. It offers an enjoyable experience for the placement programming work.

Cycle time reduction

Flexa Accelerator convert traditional manual programming approach to an intelligent way, which greatly save Fuji placement programming cycle whatever for offline or inline stages.

Product functions and features

Vayo team keep improving existing functions and features of Flexa Accelerator, and expect to deliver more value to our customer than what they expected.

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