CETC58 Selected VayoPro-DFM Expert


In August of 2015, China Electronics Group Corporation NO.58 Research Institute selected VayoPro-DFM Expert to implement daily DFM analysis and improve the company manufacturing capacity.

VayoPro-DFM Expert is intelligent analysis software to perform Design for Assembly (DFA) and Design for Fabrication (DFF) analysis to new product. It utilizes PCB design and BOM data, interacts with entity parts library, respects to rich industry standard to design & manufacturing, intelligent simulate/analysis prior to manufacturing, find out defects & risk of design at the first time, ensure manufacturing & design capability matching and generate DFM reports for collaboration between manufacturing and design departments. It reduces design & manufacturing cycle, leverage manufacturing quality and save manufacturing cost.

China Electronics Group Corporation NO.58 Research Institute CETC58(wuxi microelectronics center)is the earliest established professional institute of integrated circuits, once at the different stages of the development of China’s integrated circuit, multiple field conducted fruitful work, create on behalf of IC at various stages of the advanced level in our country.


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