CAM365: Exclusive SMT Specialized CAM Tool

Based on real needs of different departments in SMT factory, Vayo Technology has launched a new CAM tool—CAM365, which allows process engineers to work more efficiently with less pressure no matter for process difficulties review or stencil requirements preparation purpose.


CAM365 is an advanced tool with functions to review process difficulties, compare different versions, create stencil apertures, etc. Its intelligence and innovative capabilities could help address the disadvantages, like cumbersome operation and impractical functions, of existing CAM tools in the SMT factories.

Support Multiple Data Source: Gerber, PCB CAD, Coordinate Files And DXF

CAM365 supports the import of Gerber (RS-274-X, RS-274-D, Drill), PCB CAD (IPC-2581, ODB++) coordinate files and DXF data.

Support Fast & Easy Layer Alignment (Gerber Source)

With CAM365, engineers could refer to the software recommended layer sequence to adjust the layers of Gerber source so as to achieve the best display effect (the layer sequence of ODB++/IPC2581 has been automatically adjusted, no need for manual adjustment).

Conveniently View PCB Details

CAM365 supports fast query all the details of PCB, including pads, routing, distance, coordinates, component layout, etc. and it is very convenient.

Method Upgraded: From Manual To Software Automation

CAM365 can increase the efficiency & minimize efforts of process engineers, make the work automatic, enjoyable.

Automatic Process Challenge Review

By switching from manual inspection to intelligent automation (migrating from intelligent validation function of high-end DFM/DFA software), CAM365 allows engineers to identify process difficulties/challenges with less efforts.

The Increasing NPI Demands Bring Many Challenges To Process Engineers

Fast Stencil Aperture Creation

Vayo-CAM365 comes with 10 super practical stencil opening templates, able to design the stencil of various devices.

Revision comparison: compare any layers

CAM365 supports layer alignment and order adjustment from Gerber source (ODB++/IPC251 data is not required); it supports Gerber and Gerber comparison, CAD and CAD comparison, Gerber and CAD comparison, as well as layer comparison of minor revision. Besides, it supports output of comparison report.

Automatic measurement

CAM365 supports mounting coordinate query, pad spacing measurement, and pad size measurement.

Support User Coordinate System

CAM365 supports interactive query of schematic diagram and layout diagram; it supports dynamic link between two kinds of design data to realize fast query of components and network, providing great convenience for circuit board fault diagnosis.

Gerber/DXF Output

CAM365 supports export of any selected layer to Gerber, as well as conversion of ODB++/IPC-2581 data into Gerber; it also supports generating DXF picture with transparent view (no need to mirror), which is easy for wave template preparation.

Part Location Query

After the the coordinate file is imported into Gerber data, same as ODB++ and IPC2581, it can support query by device tag , so that maintenance personnel and IPQC can quickly query the device location by tag, which is very practical. In addition, CAM365 supports file saving, which is convenient for reopening and viewing later.

CAM 365: Enjoyable CAM Tool For SMT Factories

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