Supported Data Source

Besides the Vayo job, View Expert also supports ODB++/GenCAD/FATF data source; if you want to replace PN in the CAD file, you can load the BOM file as well.

Quick Query & Locating

View Expert can look up queries & locate parts quickly and indicates detailed results (Parts/Pin/Nets).

Powerful Query/Filter

View Expert enables configurable parameters which offer precise query of Parts/Pin/Nets/Node/Nails/Shorts.

Interactive Schematic Query

Schematic links with Layout interactively, which achieves fast queries of parts & nets. It offers maximum convenience for board troubleshooting.

Short Nets Troubleshooting

Nets short failure presents quite the challenge for troubleshooting, View Expert highlights short nets with two different colors, which enlarges the possibility to expediently locate a short location.

General PCBA Information

View Expert can also generate general information of PCBA, for example, the board size, part quantity, total pin quantity, minimum pitch, and so on.

Ready For System Integration

View Expert comes with an open API interface, which eases the integration of third party systems like MES, Quality system, Repair/Debug system, tester system, etc.

Improve The Work Efficiency Of Everyone

View Expert improves work efficiency for everyone in the pipeline who needs to view board graphics and needs to query documents for specific details (such as parts or nets).

Product Functions & Features

The Vayo team keeps improving existing functions and features of View Expert and expects to deliver more value to our customer, exceeding their expectations.

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