Contract Data Service | Intelligent DFT/Testability analysis & tester programming service


Have you ever troubled by the fact that you paid good money for a software, while you use it just for a few times. Then you may find it more practical to look for a contract data service. Vayo Technology not only provides NPI ( New product introduction) software products for electronics manufacturing industry to […]

Improving SMT programming efficiency to accelerate quick turn PCB assembly


Surface mount technology (SMT) is an essential part of PCB assembly, and the efficiency of SMT greatly affects the efficiency of quick turn PCB assembly. The pick and place programming is one of the critical factors that relates to the efficiency of SMT. Therefore, to improve the efficiency of programming procedure would speed the PCB […]

How DFM/DFA Solution Could Facilitate Quick Turn PCB Assembly


For quick-turn PCB assembly, a ready-for-manufacturing PCB design is a critical. Whether the design is verified by PCB designers or quick turn PCB assembly service providers, design for manufacturing/assembly (DFM/DFA) technology is essential to save time and cost. For PCB designers, they may be required to get their design ready before looking for quick turn […]

Intelligent Software to power Quick Turn PCB Assembly


Quick turn PCB assembly is getting its importance as the industry 4.0 is becoming a trend. Quicker time to market and higher quality with lower cost are pushing the electronics manufacturing industry to innovate production mode as well as production process. Saving of time and cost are two essential factors for quick turn PCB assembly. […]

Flying probe test | How to program ‘NET OPEN’ testing procedure?


Flying probe test is a common method implemented for PCB reworking. Engineers usually want to use flying probe to conduct a comprehensive OPEN test on all nets, hoping to find out open circuit fault of PCB route. Then how to program NET open circuit test procedure of the whole board? It is known that this […]

FABmaster | Pioneer in the field of PCB design for test (DFT)


FABmaster, S.A, incorporated in 1994 (about 28 years ago), was a leading worldwide supplier of CIM Automation software for board assembly optimization, incircuit & fixtureless test & inspection. Later in year 2000, it was acquired by Tecnomatix Technologies, which is currently owned by Siemens AG. In regard of enterprise development, FABmaster failed to go further in […]

Still looking for a software for PCB DFM / DFA analysis?


DFM/ DFA analysis is an essential process for concurrent design. Are you still looking for a software to facilitate your DFM / DFA analysis? VayoPro-DFM Expert developed by Vayo Technology provides an innovative and easy-to-use approach to DFM / DFA analysis, aiming to find out the design omissions or manufacturing defects at the early stage […]

PCB testing | How to decide the PCB testing methods


PCB testing is a critical process of PCB manufacturing. It is to test the qualification of each component, package, etc. on PCBA by specific test equipment, program and methods. The purpose is to detect the manufacturability defects, like missing parts, wrong parts, wrong direction, short circuit, open circuit, unqualified appearance, etc. There are several testing […]

Flying Probe Test (FPT) | How to make it easy for tester programming


Flying Probe Test (FPT) is a kind of In-circuit Test (ICT), using mobile probe to test the printed circuit board (PCB). As the FPT doesn’t require the special fixture, it’s also called fixtureless ICT. Generally, flying probe test is applied to trial-manufacture, small volume & multi-machine mass production, and reworking. Compared with the in-circuit test […]

PCB Stencil Design | How to balance the speed and quality of PCB stencil design


Introduction: PCB Stencil design is the core process of SMT (Surface mounting technology). Stencil’s quality concerns 70% PCB manufacturing process, including silkscreen printing, SPI, SMT, reflow welding, etc. Are you still troubled by the error-prone stencil design? Or have you ever encountered confusion about stencil design after the senior engineer resigned? Or you might have […]

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