What is DFX (Design for Excellence) and Why DFX?


DFX, abbreviation for Design for X, is also written as Design for Excellence or Design For Excellence (DfX or DFX). In electronic manufacturing industry, DFM (Design for Manufacture) and DFA(Design for Assembly)are two commonly-used NPI design methods.

DFM Software: VayoPro-DFM Expert Software


With DFM software, design and manufacturing are no longer two separate processes, but interact with each other. DFM/DFA analysis could be conducted in PCB design stage to make the design fit the process technology, thus reducing reworking times and shortening NPI cycle.

What is DFM or Design for Manufacturing?


DFM or Design for manufacturability, is not only to fulfill the requirements of product’s function, appearance and reliability, but, more importantly, to take the manufacturability of product into account since the beginning of product design, thus making a high-quality product at lower cost and shorter time.

Simplify Programming process for panelization with multiple & free-angle boards


It may not be strange for SMT (Surface Mounted Technology)  engineers to programme for panelization with multiple & free-angle boards. By traditional method, engineers may face great challenges to complete this task. These challenges will not only affect engineers’ programming efficiency and correctness, but result in cost increase as well as quality risks.

How does EDA software interact with Vayo’s DFM software?


During communication with customer at field, R&D department, Process department and QA department, etc. may participate in the discussing, while different departments have different focuses. Vayo’s NPI(New Product Introduction) series software covers each process from design to manufacturing, including both advanced DFM simulation solution and elementary Gerber view tool.

Webinar: Core SMT Process (Stencil) Know-How Digitalization

Webinar: Core SMT Process (Stencil) Know-How Digitalization


Very interesting! Solder paste stencil Is quite cheap, but It Is core process step for PCB assembly (SMT) since >70% quality problems are from screen printing process.

How to perform area analysis with DFM (Design for Manufacturing) software?


Lots of people may have been impressed with the powerful function of 3D DFM(Design for Manufacturing)/ DFA(Design for Assembly) capability of VayoPro-DFM Expert software. Today we would like to demonstrate another useful function of Vayo’s DFM Expert software.

Intelligent panelization of SMT


Currently, most programming process of PCB panelization requires input of measured data, such as outline data, matrix offset, etc., and this method tends to cause deviation of coordinates of component mounting location, thus causing incompliance during boards mounting.

How to select the test point for PCBA Kelvin Sensing in an efficient way


Kelvin Four-terminal sensing, also called four-wire sensing or four-point probe method, is an electrical impedance measuring technique, which uses separate pairs of current-carrying and voltage-sensing electrodes to make more accurate measurement than two-terminal sensing.

Webinar: High Level DFM/DFA Capability (PCB/PCBA) Buildup/Upgrade with 3D Solution

Webinar: High Level DFM/DFA Capability (PCB/PCBA) Buildup/Upgrade with 3D Solution


Have you ever seen 3D DFM/DFA/DFX solution for PCB/PCBA? Time to transform and upgrade to high level capability!

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