How to fast correct the rotation of special component during SMT programming


During SMT programming, process engineers usually need to manually adjust the rotation of some special components. The process is time-consuming and easy to omit some components, leading to quality risks. How to cope with such situation? In this article, we will show a software solution to this situation. VayoPro-SMT Expert, an smart SMT programming software, […]

DFM/DFA analysis solution: how to cope with through-hole component defects


During PCB design, some common defects, such as TH component’s lead diameter, plated hole and pad mismatch, tend to occur on through-hole (TH) components. These defects should be found out and fixed as early as possible to avoid subsequent rework.   Common defects of TH component: 1. Clearance for plated holes and leads. When the […]

How to Expedite DFM Analysis for Your PCB Design


The importance of design for manufacturability (DFM) has been extensively stressed in recent years. For PCB designers, DFM analysis is critical to ensure the manufacturability of board, and for fabricators, DFM analysis is essential to save manufacturing cost (time or material). A PCB design would go through several rounds of DFM analysis. In the past, […]

Five steps to digitalize SMT stencil know-how


SMT stencil design is an essential step of SMT procedure and determines the soldering quality of PCBA. Along its importance, stencil design also faces various challenges, such as heavy workload for engineers of stencil requirements preparation, repeated communication with outsourcing manufacturers and outsourced stencil validation, or difficulty of process know-how retaining. For enterprises, every product […]

Why is Design for manufacturing (DFM) important


Most of quality issue during manufacturing is due to the design omission. Design for manufacturing and address the problem as early as in the design stage is the key step to promote product design quality. It is widely believed that design decides everything, which leads to bad design for manufacturing. We must fully understand the importance […]

How to cope with issues during BGA pad design and stencil design


Ball grid array (BGA) is a type of surface-mount packaging used for integrated circuits. During pad design and stencil design of BGA-style component, you may encounter various issues. How to cope with these issues? This article will present solutions.   Common issues occurred during BGA pad design: 1. No treatment for via on the bottom […]

SMT programming solution | How to reduce off-line debugging time of SMT program


SMT machine programming is the first step of surface mounting as well as an essential part. After the completion of SMT machine programming, in-line fine-tuning is indispensable for ensuring the correctness of program. The in-line fine-tunning mainly focus on the two following aspects: 1. New part library creation: unable to create new part library due […]

Contract Data Service | Intelligent DFT/Testability analysis & tester programming service


Have you ever troubled by the fact that you paid good money for a software, while you use it just for a few times. Then you may find it more practical to look for a contract data service. Vayo Technology not only provides NPI ( New product introduction) software products for electronics manufacturing industry to […]

Improving SMT programming efficiency to accelerate quick turn PCB assembly


Surface mount technology (SMT) is an essential part of PCB assembly, and the efficiency of SMT greatly affects the efficiency of quick turn PCB assembly. The pick and place programming is one of the critical factors that relates to the efficiency of SMT. Therefore, to improve the efficiency of programming procedure would speed the PCB […]

How DFM/DFA Solution Could Facilitate Quick Turn PCB Assembly


For quick-turn PCB assembly, a ready-for-manufacturing PCB design is a critical. Whether the design is verified by PCB designers or quick turn PCB assembly service providers, design for manufacturing/assembly (DFM/DFA) technology is essential to save time and cost. For PCB designers, they may be required to get their design ready before looking for quick turn […]

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