Visual work instruction software: Automate document preparation


Introduction: Visual work instruction software or digital work instruction software is becoming indispensable for shop floor of SMT factory to create digital step-by-step instructions for assembly line. In PCB manufacturing field, there are lots of documents required to ensure the normal operation of shop floor. Along with the continuous development and improvement of manufacturing industry, […]

VayoPro – Test Expert: Test Coverage Estimation, DFT Strategy Analysis, Tester Programming


Introduction: Trending towards the Industry 4.0, the market puts more emphasis on the shorter time to market, higher quality and lower cost. Introducing the DFT (Design for testability) technology into the PCB design is an critical approach to improve the testability of PCBA, thus shortening the NPI cycle. An intelligent test software for PCBA test […]

A Powerful Tool to Accelerate In-Circuit Test (ICT) Program Development


VayoPro – Test Expert could generate test program for leading In-circuit test (ICT) equipment like Keysight (i3070, i1000), Teradyne test station (GR 228x), TRI (TR518, TR5001, TR8001), Spea (T300, 3030IL), Seica (Next), … VayoPro – Test Expert not only comes with typical nail selection & tester output function, but also comes with unique function for In-circuit test (ICT)  program […]

Offline programming software for flying probe test of PCBA


An offline programming software tool is very critical for programming of PCBA flying probe test, VayoPro – Test Expert is a powerful tool you shouldn’t miss. VayoPro – Test Expert comes with flexible & powerful functionality, which could greatly reduce offline programming & inline fine-tune cycle for flying probe test. Takaya, Seica, Spea, Hioki, Acculogic, Digitaltest, […]

The Easiest Test Strategy (Structural) Analysis for PCBA Testing


As we all know that PCBA testing is one of the most important procedures before mass production of the new product, it’s not practical to run every test moneywise and timewise. Thus, Test strategy is essential for engineers to decide which test to run. Most of DFT strategy analysis software could achieve nail access analysis, but not each of them […]

Test Expert & TestWay- Two Popular DFT/Testability analysis software


Along with the development of electronic manufacturing industry, DFT (Design for Testability or Design for Testing) has showed up its importance of guiding the designers to improve the testability of the designed circuit. Against such background, Test / DFT software has also become prominent. Today’s article will give an introduction on two popular test software: […]

DFT/Testability -What Test Software can do to improve the testability of PCB


Design for testing or design for testability (DFT) is a critical technology to ensure the accessibility of manufacturing test. Test software tool has also become increasingly prominent in improving the testability of designers’ circuit. Vayo Technology, a global provider of intelligent NPI software solution, has made great effort in boosting DFT/Testability. Its VayoPro-Test Expert software […]

Time to upgrade your CAM software tool: CAM365


A CAM software tool for engineers should understand the real need of front-line engineers and the process flow. Adhering to such intention, Vayo Technology developed and released CAM365. CAM365 is an innovative CAM tool specialized in operation optimizing, process review automation and function upgrading for process engineers in SMT (PCB assembly) factory. What you can […]

Meet New CAM Tool-an exclusive SMT specialized CAM tool


Overview of CAM The core of CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), is computer numerical control, referring to the process/system of using computer in all operations of a manufacturing plant.Generally CAM system has the function of data conversion and process automation. It involves computer numerical control and computer-aided design. The common CAM software in the market includes […]

How to Survive the More and More Difficult Process Review


Field process is essential for the fabrication of PCBA product. Field process engineers should identify the manufacturing difficulty of the product before the tooling begins and control the potential design defects, so as to ensure the product could be produced in an economical way. As the electronic products are becoming light, thin and small, the […]

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