Webinar Invitation: Automate SMT/placement programming to accelerate NPI


Entering 2022, topics like Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory keep heating up in entire SMT industry to achieve higher level of automation.


Delicately designed and fully automated already, placement (PnP) machine makers still kaizening the speed & automation level, however SMT/placement programming preparation (NPI) is not automated.


Mainly relying on complicated manual approach, placement programming requires much effort from SMT engineers, even though the correctness/quality is not ensured all the time.


PnP system software is capable of nice balancing & optimization, but yet unable to automate data preparation (prior to the automatic balancing & optimization steps) process due to its intrinsic shortcomings, not to mention if holding multiple PnP brands in one site.


This low efficient approach for PnP programming leads to heady workload for SMT engineers, long cycle during the inline fine-tune stage, also posing extra cost/risk to whole process team or worse, business troubles (customer complain, loss order, lose business).


Devoted 17 years to NPI software solution, Vayo updates its smart pick & place programming tool with patterned intelligent technology, making up the shortcoming of machine software system and transform SMT/placement programming approach to an automatic way.


Whether you’re a high-volume or low-volume player, Vayo’s programming automation solution can reduce >70% cycle time and 95% business risks (polarity), speed up the lines to better embracing new business opportunities!


Comment given by client to this innovation: “ensures every location has correct part, size and orientation”, “reduce a lot the quantity of mistakes in the projects and the time required for their preparation”, “help us a lot on component placement orientation, we don’t need to do mapping Gerber file and check placement orientation ‘one by one’ any more.”


Join the webinar and check the amazing programming automation innovation that can boost up NPI and lighten workload!


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American Session: Tue, 22 Feb 2022, 9:00 AM San Francisco time


Australia Session: Thu, 24 Feb 2022, 1:00 PM Sydney time / 3:00 PM Auckland time / 11:00 AM Tokyo & Seoul time


Europe & Asia Session: Thu, 24 Feb 2022, 9:00 AM Munich time / 1:30 PM New Delhi time



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