IPC-CFX is an electronics manufacturing industry developed standard forming the foundation/backbone of Industry 4.0 Applications. IPC-CFX simplifies and standardizes machine to machine communication while also facilitating machine to business/business to machine solutions.

IPC-CFX can simply be described as a standard providing a purpose, working components, benefits, with several applications and sustainability.

Purpose of IPC-CFX:

  • World-wide Industrial IoT communication standard for assembly manufacturing
  • The enabler of Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and Digital Factory solutions

Benefits of IPC-CFX:

  • Everyone has just one interface for complete visibility, reducing costs and complexity
  • Machine vendors can further optimize machine operation based on wider knowledge
  • IT solutions work in a “plug and play” environment


  • Machine to machine communication
  • Machine data to factory exchange
  • Factory data to machine exchange
  • Transactional events, such as logistics, work-orders etc.

Vayo (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.  joined IPC-CFX in August, 2018.


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