PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) have changed significantly over the past three decades, yet to the surprise of many, we still commonly use 30-year-old ways of communicating design intent to manufacturing. These decades’ old data-communication formats were originally conceived to drive the emerging numerically controlled machines. Gerber format, properly implemented, is perfectly adequate to transfer image data, but it does not transfer stackup data, materials, design intent or netlist.

IPC-DPMX (IPC-2581) is a generic standard for printed circuit board and assembly manufacturing description data and transfer methodology. Developed in 2004 by IPC, IPC-DPMX (IPC-2581) is used for transmitting information between a printed circuit board designer and a manufacturing or assembly facility. For nearly every step in the industrial process flow, IPC-DPMX (IPC-2581) offers a standard to help companies ensure superior manufacturability, quality, reliability and consistency in electronics assemblies built for their products.

With IPC-DPMX (IPC-2581), the industry finally has a global opportunity save millions of dollars by implementing a standardized safe and complete transfer of designs data and save millions of dollars wasted by managing multiple files in different formats.

IPC-DPMX (IPC-2581): The Digital Product Model (IPC-DPM) with IPC-CFX Enabling Industry 4.0 (Smart Factory Automation)

Vayo joined IPC-DPMX (IPC-2581) consortium in May, 2015, Since then Vayo products had been supporting IPC-DPMX (IPC-2581) files.


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