SMT programming solution | How to reduce off-line debugging time of SMT program


SMT machine programming is the first step of surface mounting as well as an essential part. After the completion of SMT machine programming, in-line fine-tuning is indispensable for ensuring the correctness of program. The in-line fine-tunning mainly focus on the two following aspects:

1. New part library creation: unable to create new part library due to lack of part data. Online part library is the only choice.

2. Part angle deviates from mounting coordinate, which has to be verified through prototyping.

To solve the above issues, Vayo Technology provides a solution—VayoPro-SMT Expert software.

1.New part library creation:

VayoPro-SMT Expert software could intelligently assign PD (in green) in part library to the part. For those new part lack of PD (part data) library, the software could automatically create the PD library  (in brown) for most new part by matching shape or graphic, which could help reduce the workload of new part library creation.

Besides, the software could also create part library. With the information of part’s pad and silk screen polarity, part library could be created off-line.


2.Deviation between part mounting coordinate and angle

VayoPro-SMT Expert software could automatically calibrate part’s coordinate and angle. The calibration results would be displayed at the lower right corner of status bar and interface.

As shown in below picture, the software interface would display the actual PCB package information. Based on the pin 1 of pad and polarity mark of silk screen, the user could confirm the correctness of angle.

By superimposing the PD library of part onto the pad, you could see the deviation of coordinate clearly. Here we could verify the mounting coordinate and angle of each part one by one. In this way, the verification of pick and place program could be done off-line, reducing in-line debugging time.

As the above example shows, with a complete part library and Vayo’s SMT programming software, zero debugging online could be achieved.

VayoPro – SMT Expert is an essential SMT programming software to convert traditional manual programming approach into an intelligent process. With the CAD/Gerber/BOM data, the software could intelligently assign /create part data and correct part mounting angle/polarity, which has made up for the shortage of machine software. With the intelligent accelerator approach, the software could help greatly improve the efficiency of offline programming and inline fine-tuning. By implementing SMT Expert solution, the programming cycle could be shortened to 0.5~8 hours and the programming capacity of each programming group could be increased from 3~5 products to 10~15 products.

VayoPro-SMT Expert software could help

*  reduce business risk caused by polarity error (customer complaint, reworking, order loss, compensation);

* shorten the days or hours of SMT programming to minutes’;

* increase NPI capacity and accelerate prototyping or trial-producing;

* Decrease complexity of programming work and release pressure of HR management.

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