Webinar: Core SMT Process (Stencil) Know-How Digitalization

Webinar: Core SMT Process (Stencil) Know-How Digitalization


(Some people missed our webinar last week. Thus we decide to host one more session. Do not miss it again!)


An unprecedented perspective of intelligent know-how for electronics manufacturing (SMT), a total innovative approach leveraging both engineering & management of SMT factories (PCB assembly), a high effective maverick solution to stabilize PCBA quality!


Very interesting! Solder paste stencil Is quite cheap, but It Is core process step for PCB assembly (SMT) since >70% quality problems are from screen printing process.


The industry trend (increasing NPI, smaller components) in recent years brings more challenges for SMT factories: business risk due to stencil quality stabilization, increasing work loading to stencil design verification, management difficulty of knowledge transfer & best practice enforcement.


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American session: Thur, December 9th, 9AM San Francisco time


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Europe & Asia session: Thur, December 9th, 9AM Munich time / 1:30PM New Delhi time


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From this webinar, you will learn:

Why does traditional approach far away from digitalization

Transform human inspection to automatic way for stencil design validation

Convert past experience to digitalized know-how library for knowledge transfer

Enforce best practice based on automatic design, standardize process for worldwide sites

Stencil process transparency & aperture usage traceability

Leverage CEM management through core process step digitalization


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