Webinar: High Level DFM/DFA Capability (PCB/PCBA) Buildup/Upgrade with 3D Solution

Webinar: High Level DFM/DFA Capability (PCB/PCBA) Buildup/Upgrade with 3D Solution


Have you ever seen 3D DFM/DFA/DFX solution for PCB/PCBA? Time to transform and upgrade to high level capability!


If you are an EMS/CEM player, you should not miss this! And here is why…

For many years, there are only 2D PCB/PCBA DFM software available. With couple of years efforts, Vayo has upgraded its PCB/PCBA DFM/DFA software from 2D solution to 3D solution, and won innovation award from IPC on APEX 2019 at San Diego, CA, USA.

This innovative 3D DFM/DFA software solution ( allows you to better understand your PCBA products in virtualized 3D environment; with 1,500+ checking rules, you could predict design omissions, prototyping assembly difficulties, mass production issues and product reliability risks.

If you are an EMS/CEM player, you could not only capture manufacturability issues, but also demonstrate high level DFM/DFA capability to your clients.

“Vayo tool has been extremely useful for us in identifying assembly issues much ahead of the actual assembly process. This has drastically reduced holdups in the production line, increasing our productivity.” said Atar Mittal, General manager from Sierra Circuits.

“We are impressed by the high level 3D DFM/DFA capability. It does a great job identifying assembly issues that can easily be captured in 3D DFA/DFM reports. Customer feedback with this unique 3D DFA/DFM capability has been overwhelmingly positive.” said Mukesh Vasani, CEO from Aimtron Corporation.


 Your benefits of attending:

Build up advanced DFM/DFA capability with 3D solution

Ease the understanding of assembly risk with unique 3D report

Detect sold joint reliability risk, increase product reliability

Detect manufacturability defects, increase 1st pass yield, reduce build cost

Detect assembly block, minimize the prototyping problems

Reduce design cycle, accelerate product launch


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Asia Pacific:
⌚ Wednesday, November 3rd, 22:00 PM 
 SGT (Singapore) – REGISTER

Wednesday, November 3rd, 00:00 AM, SGT (Singapore) – REGISTER
⌚ Wednesday, November 4rd, 16:00 PM 
 SGT (Singapore) – REGISTER

⌚ Wednesday, November 3rd, 07:00 AM 
,EST (Los Angeles/ San Francisco, USA) – REGISTER

Wednesday, November 3rd, 9:00 AM, EST (Los Angeles/ San Francisco, USA) – REGISTER

Wednesday, November 4rd, 01:00 AM, EST (Los Angeles/ San Francisco, USA) – REGISTER

Europe, Middle East:
⌚ Wednesday, November 3rd, 15:00 PM 
 CET (Munich, Germany) – REGISTER

Wednesday, November 3th, 17:00 PM, CET  (Munich, Germany) – REGISTER

Wednesday, November 4rd, 09:00 AM, CET (Munich, Germany) – REGISTER


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