Visual work instruction software: Automate document preparation


Introduction: Visual work instruction software or digital work instruction software is becoming indispensable for shop floor of SMT factory to create digital step-by-step instructions for assembly line.

In PCB manufacturing field, there are lots of documents required to ensure the normal operation of shop floor. Along with the continuous development and improvement of manufacturing industry, the shop floor is developing towards being more intelligent and digitalized. The traditional document preparing approach is not applicable any more. You need a more intelligent tool to help prepare a digital / visual work instruction document or standard operating procedures (SOP).

VayoPro-Document Expert software developed by Vayo Technology is an intelligent work instruction document preparation tool that helps you standardize the SOP document preparation process.

Its step-by-step operation guide make it easy to master, saving efforts to learn to use a new software.

Like all other NPI solutions of Vayo Technology, VayoPro-Document Expert supports input and auto identification of all commonly-used CAD data, such as Altium, Cadence, Mentor, Zuken, etc., as well as input of BOM data in .txt or .xls format.


Flexibly define PCB manufacturing process flow

The software could simulate the real production line of SMT factory to define the manufacturing process flow. It supports multiple production processes, such as component placement, AOI (Automated optical inspection) for placement, reflow soldering, solder printing, fixture test, etc., and support setting multiple workstations, which allows you to customize your own process flow portfolio and establish a process database. Next time when you prepare SOP (standard operating procedure) document for a new product, you can directly use the portfolio appropriate for the new product, which could greatly decrease the document preparation time and shorten NPI (New Product Introduction) cycle.



Assembly line balancing

In SMT factory, manual insertion is an important part of PCB assembly line. In this process, Document Expert could intelligently help balance the insertion tasks among workstations. It would automatically allocate the components to each workstation according to the preset target yield, path, height and other parameters, to maximize the rationality of task allocation.



Graphical operation guide

Besides textual work instructions, VayoPro-Document Expert software also allows the SOP author to prepare a visual work instructions with the capability of creating component graphics for operating personnel. The software provides an easy-to-use environment to customize the color, font, shape, etc. of component graphic, so as to highlight the specific component.


Other than above highlighted features, Document Expert also support automatic generation of document that contains general information (company name, logo, revision, etc.), identification of component location, component description and so on, which could help decrease 70% document preparation time. Besides, the content in the generated document can be easily created or edited to meet changing production demands.

VayoPro-Document Expert is not only a tool for SOP document preparation, but also a tool to facilitate working efficiency and NPI capability.

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About Vayo Technology

Vayo Technology has been dedicated to delivering high-quality and comprehensive NPI solutions to our OEM / EMS clients. With 17+ years’ effort and devotion to NPI/DFT/DFA/CAM software solutions for electronics industry, Vayo Technology’s NPI solution like 3D DFM/DFA analysis, DFX execution system, stencil know-how digitalization, DFT / testability & DFT strategy analysis, SMT specialized CAM tool, visual aids work instruction, board view & fast query, Gerber view & conversion,… has gained worldwide recognition among the electronic industry.

Since its establishment, Vayo Technology valued much the investment in the technology research & development and has gained 30+ authorized invention patents as well as 40+ software copyrights. Over the past 17 years, Vayo technology has been focused on customer needs and devoted to offering intelligent tool to ease the complexity of people’s work. So far, Vayo Technology has been recognized by 500+ customers from 20+ countries worldwide. We are proud to announce Vayo’s NPI solution has been selected by Flex / Venture / Jabil/ Sanmina / IMI / Benchmark / OSI / Katek / Paramit / Intel / GE / Keysight / Intuitive / Bosch and so on.

Through our efforts, Vayo Technology has been striving to become a trusted partner with the customer we serve and hoping to work together towards the goal of intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0.

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