VayoPro – Test Expert: Test Coverage Estimation, DFT Strategy Analysis, Tester Programming


Introduction: Trending towards the Industry 4.0, the market puts more emphasis on the shorter time to market, higher quality and lower cost. Introducing the DFT (Design for testability) technology into the PCB design is an critical approach to improve the testability of PCBA, thus shortening the NPI cycle.

An intelligent test software for PCBA test is necessary to bridge the PCB design engineers and manufacturers. Almost all the existing PCB test software could achieve the capability of test coverage analysis. While VayoPro – Test Expert software developed by Vayo Technology could do more.

Comparing with other PCBA test software, VayoPro – Test Expert not only stands out in DFT/testability analysis, but highlights intelligence and low complexity, achieving the goal of tool supporting people and promoting efficiency.

By simulating the entire PCBA, the solution could run virtual test procedures to estimate the testability, DFT strategy, and generate program for sorts of test machines.


Support various data source

Test Expert supports input of all CAD formats commonly used in the industry. By importing the CAD file, the software could automatically identify the data format.

Supported CAD:


Facilitate the DFT / testability analysis

As powerful DFT analysis solution for PCB test engineers, VayoPro – Test Expert came with intelligent & comprehensive DFT/testability analysis, after diagnosis it will automatically generate an overall testability report with multiple specific categories.

The overall testability report includes: summary of accessible rate, list of inaccessible nets, insufficient Probes (accessible net), unstable test points list, parallel parts list, etc.

With such report, PCB test engineer or DFT team can easily communicate with PCB designers, to edit their PCB design for higher PCB testability rate.


Simplest DFT Strategy Analysis Solution

As we all know, test strategy is essential for engineers to decide which test to run. Most of DFT software could achieve nail access analysis, but not all of them can achieve DFT strategy analysis.

Besides powerful test nail selection rules, VayoPro – Test Expert could also offer DFT strategy with comprehensive information. Defect coverage is estimated through different test approach ICT, AOI, AXI, …. Major manufacturing (PCB assembly) defects like open circuits, short circuits, wrong polarity, missing component, wrong parts will be shown as listed and you can judge the coverage per the score of each item.

DFT score:

1  means the defect item can be detected in the corresponding test stage

0  means the defect item cannot be detected in the corresponding test stage

-1  means the defect item is not available for this DFT test.


Offline Programming Tool for PCBA Test

An offline programming tool is very critical for test program development of PCBA test machine. VayoPro – Test Expert is a powerful tool you shouldn’t miss, which could help greatly reduce offline programming & inline fine-tune cycle.

With the functionality of detailed and flexible parameter setting, VayoPro – Test Expert is able to generate programs for various MDA/ICT/ATE/flying probe testers. It’s compatible with test machines like Teradyne/GenRad, Agilent, TRI, Checksum, JET, Hioki, IFR, SRC, TAKAYA, HIOKI, SEICA, Acculogic, Agilent 5DX/SJ50, ViTrox V810 &V510, Omron, VI Technology, Orbotech, Viscom, TRI, etc.


Other Features to Improve DFT Efficiency

Comparing with other DFT/testability software, VayoPro – Test Expert stand strong with more competition advantages like: Validating mask layer via extra Gerber data source, virtual nets merge for higher testability rate, backdrill identification, batch nail offset for flying probe tester. Not to mention the ease-of-use and immediate support (response <8 hours for urgent cases).


What Customer Says About This Intelligent DFT Analysis Tool

Over the past 17 years, VayoPro – Test Expert has been selected by Flex / Venture / Jabil/ Sanmina / IMI / Benchmark / OSI / Katek / Paramit / Intel / GE / Keysight / Intuitive / Bosch and so on. It also wins some favorable comments.

“From years of experience with DFT and CAD SW’s, VayoPro – Test Expert is the best. It is fast, accurate and easy to use. Its DFT report is very comprehensible for our customers.” said by David Kim, Test Development Manager from Paramit.

“With VayoPro – Test Expert solution and great support of Vayo team, we could accelerate our product review for DFT (ICT/Boundary).”, said by Tong Chang, Production Associate Manager from Supermicro.

“By introducing Vayo‘s intelligent software tool it is now possible for operators to perform data conversion requiring little skill, while reducing the work time required to one fifth of what it was.” said by Mitsuo Imai, General manager from Fuji.


About Vayo Technology

Vayo Technology is a global provider of intelligent NPI solution for PCB/PCBA manufacturing industry. Founded in early 2005 by a group of technical expert from electronic manufacturing industry, Vayo Technology has been dedicated to delivering high-quality and comprehensive NPI solutions to our OEM / EMS clients. With 17+ years’ effort and devotion to NPI/DFT/DFA/CAM software solutions for electronics industry, Vayo Technology’s NPI solution like 3D DFM/DFA analysis, DFX execution system, stencil know-how digitalization, DFT / testability & DFT strategy analysis, SMT specialized CAM tool, visual aids work instruction, board view & fast query, Gerber view & conversion,… has gained worldwide recognition among the electronic industry.

Since its establishment, Vayo Technology valued much the investment in the technology research & development and has gained 30+ authorized invention patents as well as 40+ software copyrights. Over the past 17 years, Vayo technology has been focused on customer needs and devoted to offering intelligent tool to ease the complexity of people’s work. So far, Vayo Technology has been recognized by 500+ customers from 20+ countries worldwide.

Through our efforts, Vayo Technology has been striving to become a trusted partner with the customer we serve and hoping to work together towards the goal of intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0.

Wanna learn more details of Vayo’s solution, please visit or contact us via email: or LinkedIn: howardliu.

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