Still looking for a software for PCB DFM / DFA analysis?


DFM/ DFA analysis is an essential process for concurrent design. Are you still looking for a software to facilitate your DFM / DFA analysis?

VayoPro-DFM Expert developed by Vayo Technology provides an innovative and easy-to-use approach to DFM / DFA analysis, aiming to find out the design omissions or manufacturing defects at the early stage of design, making things right at the first time.


3D part library innovates the DFM/DFA analysis

Vayo’s DFM solution features 3D DFM / DFA analysis report.

DFM Expert comes with 3D part library based on datasheet, containing tens of thousands of components with actual geometry/dimension data, such as shape and detailed pin information. The 3D part library allows you to emulate the virtual PCBA to help predict assembly difficulties. Through thousands of design checking rules, you could easily and intuitively understand the location and information of manufacturing defects or assembling difficulties.

Upon completing the DFM analysis, the software would automatically generate a 3D DFM / DFA analysis report. The innovative 3D report could help the enterprise demonstrate advanced DFM / DFA analysis capability, but also could promote the efficient communication between different departments.

Besides the software built-in part library, Vayo Technology also provides part creation service. DFM Expert comes with intelligent functionality of capturing data information from CAD data, thus making the part creation more intelligent and fast.



PCB / PCBA checking rules

PCB design and PCBA checking are critical process of DFM / DFA analysis. The effect of DFM / DFA relies on this process.

DFM Expert, as a professional DFM / DFA analysis tool, comes with rich checking rules, including 300+ PCB design checking rules and 1200+ PCB assembly checking rules. The PCB design checking rules cover the checking of route layer, silk screen layer, solder mask layer, drill layer and so on; the PCB assembly checking cover the printing process review, SMT process review, reflow process review and so on.

These checking rules support IPC guideline like IPC-7351, IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, IPC-TM-650, IPC-2221, … and part of GJB/QJ/HB like QJ3103A-2011, QJ831B-2011, QJ201B-2012, … . Following the development of electronics industry and technology, the checking rules of DFM Expert will keep updating and innovating. What’s more, DFM Expert also supports rule customization service.


Compared with other DFM software, VayoPro-DFM Expert provides step-by-step operation guide, more user-friendly. Reach us for more highlighted features of VayoPro-DFM Expert. Visit or contact us via email

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