Simplify Programming process for panelization with multiple & free-angle boards


It may not be strange for SMT (Surface Mounted Technology)  engineers to programme for panelization with multiple & free-angle boards. By traditional method, engineers may face great challenges to complete this task. These challenges will not only affect engineers’ programming efficiency and correctness, but result in cost increase as well as quality risks.

Why is such panel difficult for programming? First we will see what kind of panel it is.

The following Pic.1 presents the stencil drawing returned by stencil manufacturer. As shown in the picture, there are two kinds of board in the panel, which will be called board A and board B.

Pic.1 Stencil drawing prepared by manufacturer

The following Pic.2 shows the ‘component coordinate & PCB (Printed circuit board)Gerber’ of board A. It can be seen from the surface mount connector at the lower right corner that besides the location difference of board A in above panel, there is an oblique angle difference (not standard angle like 90°, 180°,270°, etc.) as well.


Pic.2 Component coordinate & Gerber of board A

Pic.3 Component coordinate & Gerber of board A

In this case, SMT programming has following challenges:

  • The two boards (A&B) in the panel are different: board A and board B bear their own coordinate file;
  • Besides location requirement, there is angle requirement (specific angle is unknown) for board A and board B in the panel.

By conventional programming methods, it would be pretty difficult for programming without information of specific angle. The engineer has to make several times of adjustment to ensure the correctness of programming, which costs time and energy, worse still the accuracy of program cannot be guaranteed.

Is there any solution to address this challenge? Yes, VayoPro-SMT Expert software is an intelligent programming tool for SMT machine, able to shorten the programming time by 70% and reduce the polarity error by 95%. Next I’d like to demonstrate how it will work in this case.


Create Job A and Job B respectively, then import “XY+Gerber+BOM” to complete data validation and some other programming operations;


1)  Create a panel job and upload job A to this panel job;

2) Import stencil drawing (or other drawings that include an entire panel);

3) Select a feature (line segment in blue) on board A outline, then select another feature (line segment in red) at same position in stencil drawing. Choose “Auto get angle” on the context menu (as shown in Pic.4) and the software will automatically calculate the value of angle difference between board A and its location in the panel. As shown in Pic.5 below, the difference value is 6.7°, and click button ‘+180°to rotate the angle’, the board A will rotate till it suits the certain target angle (as shown in Pic.6 below).

Pic.4 Auto get angle

Pic. 5 Rotation setting

Pic.6 Effect after rotation

4) Select the featured point/line on the two boards (as shown in Pic.7 below) to align the layer and move the board A to coincide with its location in the panel (as shown in Pic.8).

Pic.7 Select feature to align the layers

Pic.8 Effect after alignment

5) Select 2~3 features at the outline of board A in the panel drawing (as shown in Pic.9) to conduct “Auto extract panel”, then the SW will automatically scan the panel drawing and recognize the specific location of all board A, as shown in Pic.10 below.

Pic.9 Select feature

Pic.10 Identification of all boards A

6)  Upload board B job;

7) Repeat step2)~5) to complete the panel data extraction of board B;

8) Complete the extraction of panel size and Mark point. The following Pic.11 shows the completed panel.


Export the SMT panel program file corresponding to the machine system (SiplacePro/Flexa/Nexim/PT200/DGS/TPSys/PTool/T-OLP…).

Till now the panel program has been completed. In the whole process, there is no requirement for manual calculation or subjective judgement, and the operation is easy to conduct, thus greatly facilitating the efficiency and avoiding human error.

In practice, the number and angle of boards to be panelized together could be at will.

Of course the functionality of VayoPro-SMT Expert is not limited to this case. You can always trust us and achieve a higher level of quality and efficiency.

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