PCB testing | How to decide the PCB testing methods


PCB testing is a critical process of PCB manufacturing. It is to test the qualification of each component, package, etc. on PCBA by specific test equipment, program and methods.

The purpose is to detect the manufacturability defects, like missing parts, wrong parts, wrong direction, short circuit, open circuit, unqualified appearance, etc.

There are several testing methods, what methods or how many methods should be adopted to ensure the accuracy of test results?

To decide the test methods mainly depends on the product’s feature and different method’s feature. For example, generally all of in-circuit test (ICT), automated optical inspection (AOI) and automated X-ray inspection (AXI) could inspect the missing part, wrong material, open circuit, bridging, etc., while the test coverage on these defects varies in test method.

In the past, to decide the best test methods requires the engineer to be quite familiar with the test coverage of different methods. While stepping into the era of industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry is transformed into smart factory (intelligent manufacturing), and the improvement of efficiency relies more and more on the intelligent technologies and software solutions.

VayoPro – Test Expert developed by Vayo Technology provides a flexible and efficient DFT (design for test) strategy analysis functionality. The software could comprehensively evaluate the test coverage of each test method on the major manufacturability defects, such as missing parts, short circuit, open circuit and polarity error, etc., and generate a comprehensive DFT strategy report for methods decision making.


In this report, those major manufacturing (PCB assembly) defects will be shown as listed and you can judge the coverage per the score of each item.

DFT score:

1  means the defect item can be detected in the corresponding test stage

0  means the defect item cannot be detected in the corresponding test stage

-1  means the defect item is not available for this DFT test

VayoPro – Test Expert is an intelligent design for test (DFT) and test programming software solution for electronics manufacturing industry. By integrating the testing process requirements, it could accomplish the PCB test coverage analysis and ICT/flying probe/AOI/X-ray test programming in a quite short time. Besides DFT strategy analysis, Vayo’s Test Expert could also conduct testability analysis, test programming, test fixture design and so on. Follow Vayo Technology to learn more information about its Test Expert software solution.

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