Offline programming software for flying probe test of PCBA


An offline programming software tool is very critical for programming of PCBA flying probe test, VayoPro – Test Expert is a powerful tool you shouldn’t miss. VayoPro – Test Expert comes with flexible & powerful functionality, which could greatly reduce offline programming & inline fine-tune cycle for flying probe test.

Takaya, Seica, Spea, Hioki, Acculogic, Digitaltest, Emerix and iFree, etc. are some common flying probe testers used in PCB test field. No matter what brand you are using, VayoPro – Test Expert could help generate a FPT (flying probe test) pogram in a short time.


Programming procedures of Takaya flying probe test

Here we will use Takaya flying probe tester as an example to show you how it works in offline programming of flying probe test. It doesn’t matter whether your tester model is APT-8400, APT-9400, APT-1400 or APT-1600 series, VayoPro – Test Expert would generate a CA8 or CA9 file format with test sequences.

Step-by-step workflow for Takaya flying probe tester programming greatly facilitate the ease-of-use of VayoPro – Test Expert, which greatly reduce the learning & master curve for new users.

Firstly VayoPro – Test Expert loads PCB CAD sources like Altium, Cadence (Allegro or OrCAD), Mentor, Pads, Zuken, Autodesk Eagle, ODB++, IPC-2581, … then it loads BOM files (text or MS Excel format) and performs automatic validation before it moves to next step.

Before nail selection, you could assign test type for component type, extract value & tolerance from BOM description, or assign property for special nets (power or ground). The advantage of VayoPro – Test Expert is that it could automatically extract value & tolerance from BOM description, which greatly saves the offline programming & inline fine-tune cycle for flying probe test.

This offline programming tool for flying probe test also comes with unique nail selection function: multiple nail rule sets; you could have couple of rule sets and run them simultaneously (probe on nets, probe on part pin, probe on single side, probe on double side); according to the test coverage difference, you could easily choose the best test approach to this new product.

After nail selection, you could easily change part body size to increase the access. If the probe test nail on part pins, you could also change nail offset in batch (15% to pad edge is safe).

Before generating the final outputs, you could flexibly adjust the configuration; changing the point system setting will affect the coordinates in each test sequence. You could also add more test modes in the configuration, definitely don’t forget to change the type attribute of those special parts to apply this new test mode.


What customers say about VayoPro – Test Expert

The flexible & powerful functions of VayoPro – Test Expert offer a great programming experience for flying probe test. VayoPro – Test Expert not only support FPT / ICT / AXI / AOI programming, but also supports DFT / testability & test strategy analysis. VayoPro – Test Expert has been selected by lots of leading companies like Flex / Jabil / Sanmina /Venture / Benchmark / Celestica / IMI / OSI / Katek / Paramit / Intel / GE / Keysight / Intuitive / Bosch / Continental / Testinghouse / Equip-test…

We have also received some favorable comments on this intelligent test programming tool.

“From years of experience with DFT and CAD SW’s, VayoPro – Test Expert is the best. It is fast, accurate and easy to use. Its DFT report is very comprehensible for our customers.” said by David Kim, Test Development Manager from Paramit.

“With VayoPro – Test Expert solution and great support of Vayo team, we could accelerate our product review for DFT (ICT/Boundary).”, said by Tong Chang, Production Associate Manager from Supermicro.

Reach us now for a SW demo or free trial license via email: or LinkedIn: howardliu.

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