Intelligent Software to power Quick Turn PCB Assembly


Quick turn PCB assembly is getting its importance as the industry 4.0 is becoming a trend. Quicker time to market and higher quality with lower cost are pushing the electronics manufacturing industry to innovate production mode as well as production process.

Saving of time and cost are two essential factors for quick turn PCB assembly. As PCB is becoming more and more complex, quick turnaround of PCB assembly will become more difficult as well, which means we are going to seek for more approaches to follow the trend and customer needs.

As the industry is trending towards digitalization, the digital industrial software is becoming increasingly significant in powering intelligent manufacturing as well as quick turn PCB assembly.

How intelligent software could power quick turn PCB assembly?


At the present, the quick turn PCB assembly business faces the following challenges:

Assembly blocks: for quick turn PCB assembly, a ready-for-production design and matched BOM data could save much time, otherwise, assembly service providers need to take more time to validate the PCB design and BOM data.

Human resources: for quick turn assembly business, qualified and experienced engineer is quite important. While the demand of shortest lead time would put much workload on the frontline engineers, causing high employee turnover rate.

Lead time: in surfacing mounting and PCB testing procedures, offline programming and inline fine-tuning are quite time consuming, thus bringing great challenge to the shortest lead time.


The role of intelligent software in coping with these challenges

DFM software to accelerate design to manufacturing

DFM (design for manufacturing) is a very important practice at the stage of product design, aiming to reduce the cost (time or material) of manufacturing and shorten NPI cycle. VayoPro-DFM Expert, which features 3D report, provides an innovative DFM / DFA analysis solution, helping find out design omissions and PCB assembling blocks at the stage of design, and shortening lead time of PCB assembly. Further learn this solution, please visit

3D DFM /DFA solution

Programming software to shorten lead time

Surface mounting and PCB testing are two major procedures of higher complexity during PCB manufacturing. The most time-consuming process is to program the pick & place procedure and PCB testing procedure. VayoPro-SMT Expert software has integrated patented intelligent technology (bidirectional data exchange, part data assignment, part data creation, angle / polarity correction, intelligent panelization) and transformed traditional manual programming approach into an intelligent process. The software could help shorten the 70% + programming time. Further learn this solution, please visit

Advantage of intelligent SMT programming software

VayoPro-Test Expert software provides an efficient PCB design for testability (DFT) analysis and testing procedure programming approach. The software could generate fine testing & inspection program for ICT (in-circuit test), FPT (flying probe test), AXI and AOI test machine, helping reducing the lead time of PCB assembly. Further learn this solution, please visit

DFT analysis & PCB testing programming solution

Stencil designer to minimize efforts of aperture confirmation

For quick turn PCB assembly service including stencil design, stencil requirements preparation, repeated communication and aperture design validation are great challenge for process engineers. Vayo-Stencil Designer software comes with powerful aperture library and stencil checking rules to help validate the qualification of design stencil and fast prepare stencil for new product. Further learn this solution, please visit

Convert human inspection to automatic process

Visual work instruction preparation software to increase work efficiency

In manufacturing shop floor, work instruction document is a routine work for engineers. VayoPro-Document Expert software provides an efficient and convenient process document preparing approach for electronics manufacturing shopfloor. By importing CAD/Gerber/BOM data and integrating with actual process requirement of shopfloor, the software could fast generate work instruction document for corresponding workstation or process document of new product manufacturing. The visual instruction could also facilitate the readability of document. Further learn this solution, please visit

Visual work instruction preparation software

Vayo Technology has also developed some other handy software tool to facilitate the work efficiency of electronics manufacturing. Over the past 17 years, Vayo Technology has been focused on the industry trends and customer needs, striving to provide premium solutions for OEM/CEM customers. Visit to see how Vayo’s NPI software solution could help you with quick turn PCB assembly service.

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