Improving SMT programming efficiency to accelerate quick turn PCB assembly


Surface mount technology (SMT) is an essential part of PCB assembly, and the efficiency of SMT greatly affects the efficiency of quick turn PCB assembly. The pick and place programming is one of the critical factors that relates to the efficiency of SMT. Therefore, to improve the efficiency of programming procedure would speed the PCB assembly.


The challenges of pick and place programming

Now we have machine to automate the surface mounting process, while the programming process is not that automatic. With machine software only, it requires the process engineers to be quite experienced to skillfully program each product. The challenges of SMT programming mainly come from the following two aspects:

* Part data preparation for each component. The part data contains lots of parameters, therefore it would bring heavy workload for engineers to manually assign part data or create part data, which would also cost much time.

* Verification of component’s angle/polarity. By traditional approach, engineers have to visually check the correctness of each component’s angle and polarity. Still no one can ensure 100% correctness. One mistake of polarity could bring risk of rework, customer complaint, order loss, etc.

They not only challenged the SMT programming, but also challenged the quick turn PCB assembly. The machine software or traditional offline programming (CAD converter) software no longer works in the above situation. That’s why intelligent SMT programming software is getting more and more attention.


How could SMT Expert facilitate quick turn PCB assembly

VayoPro-SMT Expert, as an intelligent software, could make up for the shortage of machine software and traditional offline programming software. SMT Expert comes with Vayo’s patented intelligent technology: bidirectional data exchange, intelligent part data assignment, intelligent part data creation, intelligent angle/polarity correction and intelligent panelization.

SMT Expert could load part data from machine library and generate part data to machine library, achieving the bidirectional data exchange. Under the accelerator mode of software, it could automatically assign the part package/shape from machine library, which could save 90%+ time cycle. Besides, the software could intelligently capture CAD data to prepare for part data creation.

SMT Expert could directly access placement machine library to obtain part data of each component, virtually place them onto boards to detect the incompliance, then intelligently correct those incompliances. This intelligent approach has avoided manual adjustment and minimized the risks of wrong polarity/angle. Compared with other intelligent solution that comes with individual library, Vayo’s solution could copy machine library directly, thus avoiding visual inspection steps.

Vayo’s intelligent SMT programming solution has solved two major challenges, helping greatly reduce offline programming and inline fine-tuning time. For quick turn PCB assembly business, to implement such an intelligent software would bring a breakthrough to reduce turnaround time. For PCB assembly enterprises, this solution could also helped ease the trouble of people management like high qualification requirement, heavy workload and so on.

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