How to perform area analysis with DFM (Design for Manufacturing) software?


Lots of people may have been impressed with the powerful function of 3D DFM(Design for Manufacturing)/ DFA(Design for Assembly) capability of VayoPro-DFM Expert software. Today we would like to demonstrate another useful function of Vayo’s DFM Expert software.

As we know, during PCB( Printed Circuit Board) designing, the R&D engineers have to take the outline and size of products into consideration, they may face the situation such as “parts’ density limitation”, “parts’ height limitation”, etc. In this case, the engineer is required to be experienced to avoid “violation” due to any carelessness. For this reason, selecting VayoPro-DFM Expert software for area analysis is necessary to help figure out the defects and optimize the design.

What is area height limitation? Here we will take a PCB board as an example:

On the PCB board shown in Fig.1, there are four areas, which require different height of electronic component, for instance, area A requires height lower than 3mm, area B requires height lower than 5mm, area C lower than 4mm, and area D lower than 6mm.

Then we will see how DFM Expert software carries out analysis on the PCB board with mentioned area height limitation requirement. (The data used is DEMO data)

1) After importing the design data, click the Tools (T) and select Area Analysis, as shown in Fig.2.

2) According to the area with height limitation, click Area Analysis to draw to-be-analyzed area , as shown in Fig.3.

Similarly, carry out relevant setting for area B, C and D.

3)After drawing all areas, it’s ready to proceed to DFM analysis. At Area Name click right mouse button and select corresponding area in pop-up box, as shown in Fig.4.

4) Based on different analysis area, select the rules to be analyzed, as shown in Fig. 5.

All above is the elaboration of area setting method. Hope it may be of some help to deal with various practical issues. Should you be confused about any other scenarios, please feel free to get connected with us ( for discussion.


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