How DFM/DFA Solution Could Facilitate Quick Turn PCB Assembly


For quick-turn PCB assembly, a ready-for-manufacturing PCB design is a critical.

Whether the design is verified by PCB designers or quick turn PCB assembly service providers, design for manufacturing/assembly (DFM/DFA) technology is essential to save time and cost.

For PCB designers, they may be required to get their design ready before looking for quick turn PCB assembly service. Designers need to find out the design omissions and predict the assembly blocks before tooling so as to fine-tune and improve their design to get their PCB assembled in short time.

For quick turn PCB assembly service providers (CEM), they may receive a rough design, which requires further verification of designs based on CEMs’ capability. In this case, CEMs need to review the design first, then communicate with the customer on design modification, which is a challenge for CEM as the communication may be back and forth for many times.

The cases above are common situations in quick turn PCB assembly industry.


How DFM/DFA solution could help you with quick turn PCB assembly

An intelligent DFM/DFA software could double the results with less efforts. For quick turn PCB assembly, Vayo Technology developed an innovative 3D DFM/DFA analysis solution, VayoPro-DFM Expert software.

If you are a PCB designer, VayoPro-DFM Expert could help you find out the design omissions and assembly difficulties in the first place. Besides the functionality of conventional DFM software, VayoPro-DFM Expert innovatively provides 3D component library, which allows the user to simulate the virtual PCBA. Through the thousands of checking rules (include 1200+ assembly checking rules and 300+ PCB design checking rules), the software could automatically run DFM/DFA analysis on each detail of PCB/PCBA, including component, via, silk screen, printing, surface mounting, reflow soldering, etc.

3D component library of DFM Expert


Rule Manager of DFM Expert

For CEM (quick turn PCB assembly service provider), VayoPro-DFM Expert could help you demonstrate advanced DFM/DFA analysis capability, thus won more customer confidence. In addition to the powerful DFM/DFA analysis functionality, DFM Expert also provides 3D DFM/DFA analysis report upon the completion of checking rules analysis. With the 3D report, you don’t have to communicate with the customer back and forth for many times. The design omissions and assembly defects are intuitively displayed in the report, easy for designers to learn the problems and modify the design. At the same time, CEMs shall also won a favorable impression due to such advanced DFM/DFA analysis capability.

3D DFM/DFA analysis report


What else you can expect

* Support all popular CAD/Gerber data: Altium, Cadence, Mentor, Zuken, ODB++, etc.;

* Support edition of checking rules, allows you to create new rules and modify rules;

* Vayo Technology provides rules customization service;

* Besides 3D component library contains 200,000+ free parts, Vayo Technology also provides on-demand part creation service.

* Dual monitors allows intuitive display of PCB / PCBA problems.

Dual monitors


What you can benefit from Vayo’s 3D DFM/DFA solution

* Innovative 3D report, to promote communicating effectiveness;

* Reduce prototyping times, to accelerate time to market;

* Improve first pass yield, to reduce manufacturing cost;

* Improve the stability of product quality.

To learn more about this 3D DFM/DFA analysis solution, please visit You can also apply for a trial license to see how could DFM Expert help you promote your quick turn PCB assembly business.


About Vayo Technology

Vayo Technology is a global provider of intelligent NPI solution for PCB/PCBA manufacturing industry. Founded in early 2005 by a group of technical expert from electronic manufacturing industry, Vayo Technology has been dedicated to delivering high-quality and comprehensive NPI solutions to our OEM / EMS clients. With 17+ years’ effort and devotion to NPI/DFT/DFA/CAM software solutions for electronics industry, Vayo Technology’s NPI solution like 3D DFM/DFA analysis, DFX execution system, stencil know-how digitalization, DFT / testability & DFT strategy analysis, SMT specialized CAM tool, visual aids work instruction, board view & fast query, Gerber view & conversion,… has gained worldwide recognition among the electronic industry.

Since its establishment, Vayo Technology valued much the investment in the technology research & development and has gained 30+ authorized invention patents as well as 40+ software copyrights. Over the past 17 years, Vayo technology has been focused on customer needs and devoted to offering intelligent tool to ease the complexity of people’s work. So far, Vayo Technology has been recognized by 500+ customers from 20+ countries worldwide. We are proud to announce Vayo’s NPI solution has been selected by Flex / Venture / Jabil/ Sanmina / IMI / Benchmark / OSI / Katek / Paramit / Intel / GE / Keysight / Intuitive / Bosch and so on.

Through our efforts, Vayo Technology has been striving to become a trusted partner with the customer we serve and hoping to work together towards the goal of intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0.

Wanna learn more details of Vayo’s solution, please visit or contact us via email: or LinkedIn: howardliu.

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