Handy Small Feature of DFM Software – Search function


VayoPro-DFM Expert software is an intelligent design for manufacturing/assembly analysis tool that helps accelerate new product introduction.  The software features  3D DFM/DFA analysis. The 3D analysis report can not only boost communication efficiency between different departments, but also help enterprise demonstrate high level DFM/DFA analysis capability.

In this article, we’d like to introduce a handy small feature of this DFM software that could facilitate engineers’ daily work, Search function.

On the toolbar, you could find an icon as in the picture that could achieve searching function under different modes.

For Search function of DFM Expert software, you are able to switch mode, making it convenient to select different object.  For example, we could search the related part, pin/Via, drill, etc. by switching to different modes.

Here we will demonstrate how to employ the Search feature under Part mode.

First we need to switch the mode to Part (or shortcut key P), then click the Search icon.

On the pop-up dialog, we could set the basic information of the to-be-searched part, such as In Bom, Not in Bom, Top, Bottom, Part, PN, Shape, etc. Based on these information, we could search the corresponding parts.

Note:  Only after importing BOM data, we could find the parts In Bom or Not in Bom. To avoid error due to frequently switching search criteria, we’d better check the option ‘First Clear All’ before ‘Find’.

For example, we want to search the part In Bom and the angle is 90°, after check the options, click ‘Find’, then the number of results would be displayed at the bottom and we could click the icon in red frame to display or close the searching results.

Anything else we could do with the search feature?

We could click ‘Add’ to add more search criteria, such as Pitch, QTY, NAME, MPN, POLARITY, etc.

Now we will demonstrate how to search SMD part.

First select ‘PKG_TYPE=SMD’, and click Add button.

Then click ‘Find’ button,  we could see the searching results is 487. The parts that meets the condition would be highlighted.

We could also add another condition of “PINQTY”.  For example, we add a condition ‘PINQTY=10’, then we could locate the SMD part with 10 pins.

Main features of VayoPro-DFM Expert:

1.3D component library comes with actual geometry/dimension data of part body enables simulation of assembled PCB;

2.1500+ checking rules based on IPC standard and industry experience covers fabrication analysis and assembly analysis, making it possible to get things right at first time;

3.Automatic analysis greatly reduces the workload of engineers;

4.Flexible checking rules editor allows the user to create and modify the rules;

5.Innovative 3D DFM/DFA analysis report facilitate the efficiency of communication between different departments.


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