Flying Probe Test (FPT) | How to make it easy for tester programming


Flying Probe Test (FPT) is a kind of In-circuit Test (ICT), using mobile probe to test the printed circuit board (PCB). As the FPT doesn’t require the special fixture, it’s also called fixtureless ICT.

Generally, flying probe test is applied to trial-manufacture, small volume & multi-machine mass production, and reworking. Compared with the in-circuit test (ICT), the program development of flying probe test (FPT) is shorter, about hours.

Nowadays, along with the requirement of shorter time to market, the each process of NPI (new product introduction) are challenged to promote the efficiency. To improve the efficiency of PCB testing, a more intelligent tool is essential. Test Expert developed by Vayo Technology is a software tool tailored for DFT / testability analysis and test programming.

VayoPro – Test Expert comes with powerful functionality of tester programming. It could generate in-circuit tester (ICT), flying probe tester (FPT), AXI & AOI tester program in quite short time.


Takaya flying probe tester programming

To develop a Takaya FPT program, VayoPro – Test Expert provides a step-by-step operation process for different programs, which is easy for new users to master this tool.

The software supports 20+ ECAD data sources commonly-used in the industry and BOM data in text or excel format. It supports setting of component parameters, such as component type, size of SMD component, etc., and Net parameters.

If there is no better test point, it allows to test SMD pads as test points. Test Expert provides the function to shift the test points on the SMD pad to the outer side, thus avoiding the component.

Nail selection rule is also a powerful feature of Test Expert. You can select proper rule set like Takaya ca8 or Takaya ca9 to automate the nail selection by the software. Then you will get a nail selection report, which will display the untestable points as well as reason. The report could assist to judge and modify the test points.

Finally, Test Expert supports generation of two program formats for Takaya tester: ca8 and ca9. By clicking the button “Program generation”, you will get two programs, one for top side, the other for bottom side.

Besides the Takaya FPT program generation, VayoPro – Test Expert could do more. Visit to learn more functionalities of Test Expert. You can also follow us on LinkedIn (Vayo Technology) to learn more product news.

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