Five steps to digitalize SMT stencil know-how


SMT stencil design is an essential step of SMT procedure and determines the soldering quality of PCBA. Along its importance, stencil design also faces various challenges, such as heavy workload for engineers of stencil requirements preparation, repeated communication with outsourcing manufacturers and outsourced stencil validation, or difficulty of process know-how retaining.

For enterprises, every product carries the experience of engineers. In the past, these experience could only be retained in the brain as personal experience, which can hardly be passed down once these experienced engineers resigned. While things become different nowadays, more and more intelligent tools could be used to change the situation.

Vayo-Stencil Designer is an intelligent software for stencil design developed by Vayo Technology and features digitalization of process know-how.

In this article, we will have an understanding on how could the software achieve the process know-how digitalization by aperture learning function. The aperture learning process mainly includes following five steps.

1. To import the CAD data of PCB design.


2. To import Gerber data.


3. To align the layer of Gerber and CAD data.


4. To conduct aperture learning process.


5. To manage the learned aperture.


Following the step-by-step guide, the learning process is quite simple and fast. By learning stencil aperture into the central aperture library, the enterprise could establish their own special aperture library.

With the aperture library, the process engineers could design the stencil by themselves instead of preparing stencil requirements for outsourcing, which could not only save time, but also save the effort to communicate with the stencil manufactures.

Besides the aperture learning function, the Stencil Designer also comes with comprehensive stencil check rules to automatic verify the quality of designed stencil and built-in configurable aperture patterns to support automatic stencil design.


About Vayo Technology

Vayo Technology is a global provider of intelligent NPI solution for PCB/PCBA manufacturing industry. Founded in early 2005 by a group of technical expert from electronic manufacturing industry, Vayo Technology has been dedicated to delivering high-quality and comprehensive NPI solutions to our OEM / EMS clients. With 17+ years’ effort and devotion to NPI/DFT/DFA/CAM software solutions for electronics industry, Vayo Technology’s NPI solution like 3D DFM/DFA analysis, DFX execution system, stencil know-how digitalization, DFT / testability & DFT strategy analysis, SMT specialized CAM tool, visual aids work instruction, board view & fast query, Gerber view & conversion,… has gained worldwide recognition among the electronic industry.

So far, Vayo Technology has been recognized by 500+ customers from 20+ countries worldwide. We are proud to announce Vayo’s NPI solution has been selected by Flex / Venture / Jabil/ Sanmina / IMI / Benchmark / OSI / Katek / Paramit / Intel / GE / Keysight / Intuitive / Bosch and so on.

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