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The trend of Industry 4.0 is pushing the factory to develop toward a more intelligent future. The goal is to promote the computerization, digitization and intelligence of manufacturing industry. Under such circumstances, Vayo NPI software solution came into existence and recognized by more and more manufacturing enterprises.

VayoPro-DFM Expert is an intelligent DFM/DFA analysis tool to accelerate design & manufacturing for electronics products. It imports PCB design and BOM data, integrates with 3D parts libarary database, simulate assemblied boards with 3D visibility; then it utilize thousands assembly & fabrication checking rules, performs comprehensive checks to every elements of PCBA alert defect & risk opportunties at the first time and generate unique 3D DFM/DFA report.


Functions & Features of  VayoPro-DFM Expert Software:

  – >1500 checking rules which are based on IPC standard and industry experience

  – Assembly analysis covers the processes of screen printing, pick&place, wave soldering…

  – Fabrication analysis covers layers of signal, silkscreen, sold mask…

  – Flexible and powerful checking rules edit function

  – New rule development service available

  – Support CAD/Gerber resources like Altium, Cadence, Mentor, Zuken, ODB++…

  – Permanent component library (3D) database upon delivery

  – Output unique 3D DFM/DFA report


– Build up advanced DFM/DFA capability with 3D solution

– Ease the understanding of assembly risk with unique 3D report

– Detect sold joint reliability risk, increase product reliability

– Detect manufacturability defects, increase 1st pass yield, reduce build cost

– Detect assembly block, minimize the prototyping problems

– Reduce design cycle, accelerate product launch

Over the past years, our DFM software has helped many OEM/ CEMS customers improve the efficiency from design to manufacturing: the unique 3D report facilitates the communication efficiency; the extensive checking rules help locate design omissions and manufacturing defects, thus reducing the prototyping time and improving the reliability of final products. With DFM Expert software, years of know-how can be inherited and carried forward, which may help realize the digitization of knowledge and continuously promote the capability of design.

Recently we have received the testimonial from our customer, Aimtron Corporation. This favorable review is not only an affirmation of our solution, but also an encouragement. We will keep devoting ourselves to provide the leading-edge solutions and service, contributing our effort to the achievement of Industry 4.0.

“We’ve been using VayoPro-DFM Expert for the past 3 years and are impressed by the high level 3D DFM/DFA capability. Step by step workflow is easy to understand and the learning curve is relatively short. It does a great job identifying assembly issues that can easily be captured in 3D DFA/DFM reports. Customer feedback with this unique 3D DFA/DFM capability has been overwhelmingly positive.” from Aimtron Corporation.

As the manufacturing industry are stepping forward the Industry 4.0, smart factory and flexible manufacturing, DFM or design for manufacturing has won great popularity.

what is DFM and how does it works?

DFM or Design for manufacturability, is not only to fulfill the requirements of product’s function, appearance and reliability, but, more importantly, to take the manufacturability of product into account since the beginning of product design, thus making a high-quality product at low cost and short time.

In conventional product development mode, product design always comes first, next is process design, finally the design enters into manufacturing. The process seems to be completed here, but the problems remain far from over. During manufacturing, issues such as design omissions, assembly difficulties, etc. show up, then these issues are sent to R&D end to fix the design and the above process shall be repeated until the final product meet the requirement.

As we can seen, the conventional mode costs much labor, time and material, virtually reducing the competitiveness of product.

An ideal product development mode should be as concurrent engineering, in which DFM occurs early in design stage, and defects would be identified and addressed at the beginning, greatly avoiding waste of cost.

Why is DFM important?

Take PCB design as an example, when designing the product, R&D engineer would consider the process capability of production line to ensure the designed product could be produced successfully. However, R&D engineers are not familiar with the manufacturing procedure of factory, therefore a lot of design defects are not identified until mass production.

PCB design that excludes manufacturability would bring difficulties to process and assembly, causing lots of soldering or assembling defects and increasing re-spins. While the introduction of DFM software has made things different.

With DFM software, design and manufacturing are no longer two separate processes, but interact with each other. DFM/DFA analysis could be conducted in PCB design stage to make the design fit the process technology, thus reducing reworking times and shortening NPI cycle.

Based on industry needs, Vayo Technology strongly recommend VayoPro-DFM Expert software for an advanced 3D DFM/DFA analysis. Stay tuned as we get more details on DFM solutions.

For description of practical and advanced Design for Manufacturing technology, please refer to this article<What is DFM or Design for Manufacturing? >.

Vayo recommends 2-week free trial of advanced 3D DFM/DFA/DFX technology. Apply now!

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