Contract Data Service | Intelligent DFT/Testability analysis & tester programming service


Have you ever troubled by the fact that you paid good money for a software, while you use it just for a few times. Then you may find it more practical to look for a contract data service.

Vayo Technology not only provides NPI ( New product introduction) software products for electronics manufacturing industry to accelerate design to manufacturing and speed to market, but also provides various contract data services.

VayoPro – Test Expert software is an intelligent DFT / Testability analysis and testing procedure programming software. With the software, Vayo Technology could provide DFT strategy and testability anlysis service as well as CT/FPT/AXI/AOI programming service, to help customers reduce cost and accelerate NPI cycle.

VayoPro-Test Expert software service includes following items:

DFT (design for testing) analysis service:

* Testability analysis report

* DFTstrategy analysis report

ICT & flying probe testing data service

* Takaya FPT program file (*.ca9)

* Seica FPT program file (*.nod,*.prt)

* HP3070 testing program file (board,board_xy)

* GenRad testing programfile (*.ckt)

VayoPro-Test Expert software supports all popular CAD data sources (Cadence Allegro/OrCAD, Mentor, PowerPCB, Altium/Protel, Zuken, ODB++, GenCAD, Accel, Unidat, etc.). In the absence of CAD data, we also provides data conversion service to convert Gerber data, together with powerful BOM parser function, we could provide a comprehensive testability analysis report or test strategy report. The report could help design department to take the testability of product performance into account and adopt the simplest approach to test the product performance and engineering quality, thus to simplify the preparation for during-production testing and final-product testing, as the same time, to promote the testing efficiency and reduce testing cost.

The testability analysis report generated by VayoPro – Test Expert software comes with rich content, including 13 categories of content such as SPC report, net report, component report, pin report, parallel report and so on. The report could be exported in different formats like text, Excel, PDF or html.

The DFT strategy report provided by Vayo Technology could help evaluate the test coverage of different testing approaches on major manufacturing defects, such as part missing, open circuit, short circuit, polarity error, wrong part, etc.

VayoPro – Test Expert also comes with powerful testing procedure programming functionality. If you are in instant need of flying probe test program for Takaya, Seica, HP3070, Gencad, etc., and X-ray or AOI machine program, reach Vayo Technology to get an on-demand testing program file in a quite short time.

Besides intelligent DFT/Testability analysis and fast ICT/FPR/AXI/AOI programming service, Vayo Technology could also provide DFM / DFA analysis service, generating a 3D DFM/DFA analysis report to help analysis your product design and find out reliability / manufacturing problems as early as possible; Gerber data conversion service to help fast process Gerber data.

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