How does EDA software interact with Vayo’s DFM software?


During communication with customer at field, R&D department, Process department and QA department, etc. may participate in the discussing, while different departments have different focuses. Vayo’s NPI(New Product Introduction) series software covers each process from design to manufacturing, including both advanced DFM simulation solution and elementary Gerber view tool. In the whole process, it is inevitable for Vayo’s NPI software to interact with other EDA software.

Vayo’s DFM Expert software is a commonly-used tool in the process from design to manufacturing. As far as R&D department is concerned, designers relatively pay more attention to the interaction function of the software. Then how to achieve the interaction between EDA software and DFM(design for manufacturing) software? This article will reveal the answer.

Here we will demonstrate the interaction between Cadence software and DFM software.

To achieve the interaction, we must install a plugin developed by Vayo on the computer where the Cadence and DFM software are installed.


Pic.1 The plugin for interaction between DFM Expert and EDA software

The picture below presents the DFM analysis result. As you can see, the location of defect is in blue circle as shown in the picture 2.


Pic.2 Analysis by DFM software

Turn to Cadence software, use default shortcut key Ctrl+F8, the software will automatically locate the defect.


Pic. 4 Location by interaction

Of course, the shortcut key supports user-defined. The specific modification path is as shown in Pic. 4.


Pic.4 User-defined shortcut key

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